Finding All-Star Employees to Supplement Your Medical Staff

Your medical staff is stretched to capacity. Overtime costs have skyrocketed, and as a result, you’ve missed growth opportunities.  These are all signs it’s time to supplement your medical staff with additional employees.

Find All-Star Employees by Implementing the Following Steps into your Hiring Process.


Know Who You’re Looking For.

Before you begin interviewing supplemental staff, do a job analysis on the positions you’re hiring for.  Talk to your team and compile information on the qualifications and skills they feel are necessary to perform the role.  This helps you create a better job description to attract the right potential candidates, and help you pinpoint the must-haves for the job.  You’ll be less likely to make a hiring mistake if you know who you’re looking for from the start.

Prescreen Candidates.

The flood of resumes and cover letters in your inbox, after posting a job opening, can be overwhelming.  Even when you’re busy with day-to-day job duties, it’s important to set aside time to review them.  Compare all candidates against the list of qualifications, skills, and experience in the job description.  Verify education and technical certifications. Many surveys report that applicants often mislead and lie on their resumes. If that’s the case, wouldn’t your rather know at this stage then after you’ve become attached to a candidate.  If a candidate is lying on their resume, they’ll also lie to you at an interview and on the job.

Narrow Down Your Options.

After going through resumes, choose 7-10 candidates that you think are the best fit.  A quick phone screen with the candidate will give you the chance to make sure they are as good as they look on paper.  You’ll get a glimpse of their communication skills and be able to give them more details about the position to find out if they’re really interested.

Determine Success Factors.

Before you begin interviewing candidates in person, determine success factors.  Success factors include an applicant’s character traits, motivators, teamwork skills, reaction to situations, and ability to perform in high stress situations. During the interview, listen closely to a candidate’s answers for clues to their approach of each of these.

Talk with a Recruiter.

Enlist the help of a recruiter that specializes in the medical staffing industry.  Staffing agencies often have databases of qualified employees that they can provide to you on the fly.  Not only does this allow you to staff up or down depending on hiring needs, it gives you access to the top candidates in the industry.

Looking for Supplemental Staff for your Georgia Medical Facility?

As one of the leading healthcare and medical staffing agencies in Athens Georgia, BOS Medical (a division of BOS Staffing) has brought talented nurses, therapists and medical administrators together with top facilities. Our nursing and healthcare staffing recruiters go above and beyond to find the right candidate for the job. Contact us today to get customized staffing solutions for your organization.

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