Nurse Staffing for Hospitals

Match nursing levels to census population.

We provide the people you need

BOS Medical Staffing provides healthcare professionals with the skills and experience your facility needs. We are experts in all aspects of nurse staffing for hospitals, including acute care nurse staffing and clinical nurse staffing. From large hospital systems to small community hospitals, even clinics, doctor’s offices and urgent care facilities, you’ll always have the resources you need to remain fully staffed.  

Every candidate is a BOS Medical employee, so we take on all employment risks, as well as handling all credentialing, background and drug screening.

Need a Healthcare Professional?

With BOS Medical, you’ll always have access to the people you need to provide the care your patients deserve.

Can you provide quality care?

Your skills and experience are needed. We have a wide range of opportunities including med/surg, ER, acute care and ICU. Are you ready to answer the call?