Occupational Health Nurse Recruitment

Keep employees safe and on the job.

We’ll provide the people you need

Every sick or injured employee is a direct hit to your bottom line. The ability to provide care on-site can give you a significant advantage. At BOS Medical, we provide skilled, experienced nurses and medical assistants who can provide preventative care such as physicals and flu shots as well as conducting drug screens and helping you conform to OSHA standards. They can treat minor illness or injury and triage more serious cases for referral to a doctor or hospital’s care.

Need an Occupational Health Professional?

BOS Medical is an occupational health staffing agency dedicated to helping you keep your employees healthier and reduce the company’s potential liability risk.

Add stability to your healthcare career

Use your skills and experience in a unique setting with regular hours. You'll make a difference to the health of workers and help employers remain fully staffed and profitable. Want to learn more about occupational health jobs in Georgia?