Access In-Demand Healthcare Talent

Keep your patients healthy and your business strong.

What business problems can we solve?

At BOS Medical, we take an approach that is focused on helping healthcare facilities meet daily census requirements, improve access to talent, control labor costs and deliver patient care more effectively.

As a specialized nursing temp agency in Georgia, we create a service program based on your specific needs, including staffing for clinical and non-clinical roles, on-site management, orientation and training programs.

We consistently deliver dependable, experienced nurses and other healthcare professionals who are skilled, screened, fully credentialed and ready to adapt to any environment or challenge.

Types of People We Place

Medical Assistant
Medical Office
Medical Billing
Office Manager

Our Services

Per Diem

Healthcare professionals provide coverage for vacations, absences and increases in demand. At our nursing staffing agency in Georgia, our quality management program ensures that we deliver people who are screened for credentials and experience, ensuring optimum, cost-effective patient care.


Located in a resort area or college town with fluctuating demand or a remote area that’s tough to staff consistently? Our BOS Nurses are here to help — for 13-week rotations or as long as you need them.


Full-time, part-time, short- and long-term help. Reliable, prescreened healthcare and administrative professionals to provide care, diagnostics and handle administrative details so you can focus on your business goals.


Why work with just another nurse recruitment agency in Georgia when you can take a shortcut to the best candidate for your permanent position. BOS Medical Staffing can advertise the position, screen applications and interview candidates. We’ll narrow the field; check their backgrounds and references to find the best talent. You’ll talk to only the cream of the crop.