Behavioral / Mental Health

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BOS Medical Staffing provides healthcare professionals who understand the unique challenges of behavioral and mental health care. Our behavioral health staffing agency serves a variety of settings, including stabilization units, inpatient and outpatient clinic, crisis units. Our professionals are trained and experienced in working with individuals with developmental disabilities, those in drug crisis and everyone in between.

Every candidate is a BOS Medical employee, so we take on all employment risks, as well as handling all credentialing, background and drug screening.

Need a Behavioral/Mental Health Professional?

With BOS Medical, you’ll partner with a behavioral and mental health staffing agency that can connect you with the people you need to provide care and support.

Can you provide care and support?

From those with substance abuse challenges to mental health challenges, everyone deserves care, support and respect. Can you be the one to provide it? Learn more about behavioral health nurse jobs in Georgia.