Are Your Job Descriptions Selling Your Open Opportunities?

With the economy heating up, there is a lot of competition for top talent in the job market.  In order to attract the individuals you want, you have to sell your open positions.

How do you make your postings stand out from thousands of others? Try crafting a standout job description.  Use these tips to write job descriptions that will effectively communicate your available positions, job requirements, and necessary qualifications while grabbing the attention of the your ideal future employees.

Essential Components to Include

If you want a job seeker to take your post seriously, there are important details that need to be included in each job description.

  • Role Title & Summary.

    The job title needs to accurately reflect the work that’s required in the role. The title should not only reflect your industry’s standards, but your organizational culture as well.  After you’ve defined what the opening is, write a summary of the purpose of the job and an overview of the main responsibilities.  Keep the summary concise and to the point by making it two to three sentences at the most.  If your job description is too long, the reader will lose interest and most on to the next posting.

  • Skills and Qualifications.

    Include all of the mandatory qualifications the candidate must have. These are the non-negotiables and should include skills, years of experience, certifications, licenses, and education requirements. Follow the list of mandatory requirements with a list of preferred skills that aren’t absolutely necessary.

  • Type of Employment.

    Clearly define whether the position is full-time, part-time, salaried, or contract. If the position is an internship, be sure to note whether it is paid or unpaid.  You want to be sure the applicant knows all of these things before applying, so that you don’t waste anyone’s time over mismatched expectations.  If your company doesn’t have policies against it, include details about salary range.

  • Contact Information.

    The best talent isn’t going to apply if your posting looks like it’s trying to be mysterious or unprofessional. Skilled candidates don’t waste time playing the games of online job hunting.


How to Sell Your Opening

The perfect job description uses clear language to represent the culture of the company, and is neither too detailed nor too vague.  Use these formatting tips to grab the attention of the reader.

  • Be Specific and Direct.

    While brevity is appreciated in job postings, it’s also important to be as transparent as possible.  If your description is too vague you risk receiving numerous resumes of unqualified candidates.

  • Use Bullet Points.

    Using bullet points makes the job description an easier read.  A candidate should be able to quickly skim through job responsibilities and skill requirements to determine whether they meet the qualifications for the job.

  • Embody Your Organization’s Personality. 

    Choose a tone and voice for the job posting that match your company’s culture.  For example, a startup company is likely to have a more creative, attention grabbing job description, than an organization with an extremely corporate environment.  Getting your company’s personality across in the job description will ensure you’re only attracting people who are the right personality fit.


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