3 Ways a Mentor Can Advance Your Medical Career

As a medical professional, you will be forced to make many decisions about your career throughout your life. Healthcare is one of the most dynamic and growing fields, with a wide range of opportunities and challenges. Your skill set, ability to adapt to change, and how you interact professionally will all play a major role in determining your success within the medical field.

Having a mentor to coach you in these areas can help you make positive, informed decisions in order to continue advancing your career.  A mentor is someone who has more experience, a finer tuned skill set and is willing to show you the ropes so you can follow in their footsteps.  The benefits you can gain from a mentor/mentee relationship are invaluable to your career.  Below are three of the many ways having a mentor can help advance your medical career.

They’ll Share Their Lessons Learned.

A good mentor is someone who has a lot of experience in the healthcare industry and has faced many of the same problems and situations that you will face.  They’ll be able to give you advice on how they handled these situations and tell you what they did right and what they’d do differently.   Most great industry leaders have trained under mentors and learned the trade from someone else.  A good mentor can teach you lessons that will apply to both your current and future jobs.  They’ll be able to show you the ropes and provide insight that only someone who has “been there, done that” can provide.  As a result you’ll avoid making mistakes that many inexperienced professionals make and your career will progress more quickly.

They Can Talk You Through Important Decisions.

There will be times in your career when you have trouble making a big decision.  A mentor is someone not too close to the source that will be able to talk you through the decision making process and give unbiased opinions. If you are offered a promotion within the organization or a new job at another company, your mentor can help you decide whether to take it.  A mentor can also help you decide when it’s appropriate to ask for a raise and give you advice on the best way to ask.

A Great Mentor Will Get You Noticed.

If you choose wisely, you’ll pick a mentor who is a leader in their organization.  When people are leaders they’re likely to be promoted quickly or get recruited to another company.  Your mentor will know you’re a hard worker and good at your job, and they’ll likely recommend you to fill the position they’re leaving or try to get you on board at their new company.  In both cases, having a mentor means significant advancement in your career.

The best mentor relationships last well beyond your current job role and grow into a mutually beneficial networking relationship for both the mentor and mentee.  Your mentor will be able to introduce you to new connections, which can open many doors in your career.

If you’re currently looking for new opportunities within the medical field and don’t yet have a mentor, let the experienced team at BOS Medical help.   Whether you’re looking for long- or short-term work, or want to work locally or across the country, team up with BOS to find the perfect opportunity.  We have a variety of nursing jobs and employment opportunities in Athens, GA, Gainesville, GA, and beyond. Contact us today.

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