Kicking Off 2015 | A How to Guide

The last two months of Q4 have been a blur.  You’ve been reviewing key objectives, evaluating performance, and finishing up projects.  Now you’re juggling time between wrapping up year-end goals and wrapping holiday gifts.  Before you even have time to blink, January 1 will be here.  Kicking off 2015 on a high note is essential for annual success.  Use this how-to guide to start the New Year on the right foot.

Set Proactive Goals.

As you sit down to plan your annual goals for 2015, remember that planning should not be an annual event where goals are only discussed once a year.  Instead, make planning a part of your daily and weekly routines.  Set your key objectives, and then devise a plan as to what actions you must take in order to achieve desired outcomes.  Setting action-oriented goals will ensure that you take the initiative needed to be successful.

Project-Plan Work.

Every project you work on will have inevitabilities that are beyond your control.  Therefore, it’s vital to make risk management a part of your goal-setting.  Establishing budget reserves and building a “plan b” and “plan c” scenarios, will help account for timeline delays due to changes in budget, schedule, or scope.  Having a contingency plan will reduce stress and increase confidence among employees.

Engage Employees.

The employees you hire ultimately determine that culture and success of your business. The best businesses have the most exciting culture and the best people.  It’s up to you to keep your employees motivated.  The best way to do this is to get them involved in making key business decisions.  When you give people a voice it gives them a greater sense of value and increases their passion for their work.

Evaluate Staff.

The employees you hire determine the success of your business.  The best businesses usually have the very best people.  Make sure when staffing up (or down) that you concentrate on having employees on board that add value to the organization.  Do you have busy times that you’ll need seasonal help?  Sometimes the most dramatic changes happen when new employees are brought into an organization.  Start planning for staffing level changes now.

Address Issues Now.

As the year draws to a close, identify the obstacles your company has faced over the past six months.  Whether it is poor processes, irrelevant goals, or inadequate staffing, come up with solutions to eliminate those issues.  Talk with current employees and get their feedback as to why things didn’t work, and weed out inefficiencies.  Doing so will give everyone a new brush of confidence for 2015.

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