Where Do You See Your Organization in 12 Months?

The past few weeks have been hectic, reviewing key objectives and evaluating your company’s performance in the 2014 calendar year.  As you finish with your reflections, it’s time to start thinking about where your organization should be at this time next year.  In order to make this your best year yet, you need to motivate employees to world hard and begin working towards annual goals. Here are a few tips to help with your 2015 planning.

Get Employees Fired Up

Your employees ultimately determine the culture and success of your business. The best businesses have the most exciting culture and the best people.  Keep employees motivated by getting them involved in conversations about where you’d like the organization to be a year from now.  When you give people a voice in determining key objectives it gives them a greater sense of value and increases their passion for their work.  Start 2015 on the right foot by asking for your employees’ input.

Hold a Planning Deep-Dive

Get key stakeholders in the room now to plan your annual goals for 2015.   As you sit down with these stakeholders remind them that planning should not be an annual event where goals are only discussed once a year.  Agree that planning will be built into your daily and weekly routines. Set your key objectives, then device a plan as to what new actions you must take in order to achieve those desired outcomes.  Set action-oriented goals to ensure that you take the initiative needed to be successful.

Project-Plan Work

Every project you work on will have inevitabilities that are beyond your control.  Therefore, it’s vital to make risk management a part of your goal setting.  Establishing budget reserves and building a “plan b” and “plan c” scenarios, will help account for timeline delays due to changes in budget, schedule, or scope.  Having a contingency plan will reduce stress and increase confidence among your employees as well.

Identify Risks

As the year draws to a close, identify the biggest challenges your organization faced over the last year.  Whether it be poor processes, irrelevant goals, or inadequate staffing, identify what the risks were.  Brainstorm with current employees and get their feedback as to why things didn’t work.  Clean up and weed out inefficiencies.  Doing so will help you be more aware of the risks standing between you and your 2015 goals.

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