The Importance of Partnering with a Firm with GREAT Recruiters

When searching for a job in the competitive healthcare industry, partnering with a specialized recruitment firm can boost your opportunities and increase your chances of landing a job.  However, not all staffing agencies provide the same level of service.  Here are four reasons it’s important to partner with a firm with outstanding recruiters.

Past Success Rates

Past performance is the greatest indicator of future success.  It’s important to work with an employment agency with recruiters that have a history of successfully placing candidates.  Your best bet is to find a local, specialized staffing agency that regularly places candidates in your industry.  Look for the agency that has the most success placing candidates at the companies you want to work for.

Technical Understanding

A great recruiter doesn’t simply forward you a job description and ask if you’re interested.  Especially in the medical field, job descriptions often include every system the organization uses and generic responsibilities the position involves.  A stellar recruiter will give you the run down of what the position really entails.  They know what the hiring manager is really looking for.   They’ll be able to tell you why the position is open, what was good and bad about the last employee, and have a comprehensive understanding of what the job requirements actually are.  They’ll give you tips on the hiring manager’s personality and advice for how to stand out in your interview.

Strong Personal Connections

A great recruiter has solid networking skills and is an expert at building relationships.  They’ve made personal connections with the hiring managers at the organizations they recruit for and have actually visited the workplaces in which they want to send you.  You want a recruiter who will talk to you about the soft-skills of the job and can tell you why you’d fit in with the teams for which you may become a part of.  Examine the depth of the recruitment agency’s relationships, not just the number of people they’ve employed.

Certified Staffing Professionals

When searching for a great recruitment firm, it’s important to look for one that requires their recruiters to be ASA Certified Staffing Professionals®. The ASA Certified Staffing Professional program features rigorous content focused on employment and labor law at both the federal and state levels. It is an essential credential for staffing professionals because it certifies their expertise to work with both employees and clients ethically.  Requiring ASA CSP credentials indicates an organization’s expertise and commitment to the highest level of professionalism in the staffing industry.  You will benefit significantly from working with a firm with employees that have the knowledge and credibility gained through earning the CSP® credential.

Finding an employment firm with great recruiters can make a huge difference in your job search.  You want a recruiter who will offer you valuable information and help you navigate through the entire hiring process from preparing for an interview to accepting an offer.

If you’re looking for a career in the medical industry, turn to BOS Medical Staffing.  Since 2008, BOS Medical (a division of BOS Staffing) has brought talented nurses, therapists and medical administrators together with top facilities in Northeast Georgia and nationwide.  BOS Medical sets the standard for excellence in the healthcare staffing industry, by hiring and developing staff members of the highest caliber who will be loyal and dedicated and have attained their Certified Staffing Specialist® Certification from the American Staffing Association.

Search our available jobs or give us a call today and our great team of recruiters will help you land your next opportunity.


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