Hiring the Modern Employee | What to Look for in 2015

Finding candidates with specialized technical skills is just one of the necessary requirements of hiring employees in the healthcare industry.  The medical landscape fueled by new behaviors, laws, and technologies, is constantly evolving and hiring dynamic healthcare professionals that can quickly adapt is crucial.  Here are four of the most important qualities you should be looking for in 2015 hires.


In this day and age, managers don’t have time to watch their employees’ every move and tell them to “work harder or faster.”  Especially in the medical industry where exceptional performance is crucial, you have to trust that medical staff can provide stellar patient care without being micromanaged.  Make sure you’re hiring employees that are motivated, self-starters who can be successful with minimal direction.


Even though we claim to be a culture that encourages competitive behavior, internal competition and animosity drive otherwise successful practices out of business everyday.  A needlessly competitive attitude in the medical industry ends up alienating coworkers, supervisors, and patients.  Therefore, it’s imperative to hire employees that are team players.  Being collaborative and sharing information benefits the workplace culture and the level of service given to customers.  You want employees with a can-do attitude that are willing to help out where needed.


Because the medical field is constantly evolving, the modern employee has to be able to accept change and be constantly willing to implement new processes and procedures.   You need to hire employees that are always willing to learn new skills and can be cross-trained in other departments.  For example, an ER nurse that’s willing to help out in labor and delivery when you’re short staffed.

Ability to Prioritize

Today’s employees are pulled in so many different directions, that it’s easy to lose focus on what is most important.  Look for employees that have the proven ability to multi-task and can prioritize tasks quickly in a fast-paced environment.

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