4 Ways to Continue Learning Through Certifications When Employed

As a nurse, it’s no secret that passing the NCLEX and jumping into your career at the hospital is only the beginning of your professional development.  Today’s nurses must be sharply tuned and able to provide incredibly complex care.  Continuing your education is the only way to stay on the edge of the always-advancing healthcare industry.  Here are a few tips to help you take charge of your career and earn certifications on top of your busy work schedule.

Take online courses.

When you’re a full-time nurse, you spend the majority of your time on the job, and what little time you have left over with friends and family.  Online learning resources, provided by a number of reputable nursing organizations, can help you fit certification programs into your busy schedule.  Most online class modules allow you to go at your own pace and learn on a schedule that best fits your lifestyle.  Continuing your education in your free time will also help you feel more prepared, with the distinct knowledge you need to take on the workday.

Encourage workplace learning.

Learning can occur as part of your on the job experience. Many hospitals and clinics routinely provide opportunities for professional development through on the job training and certification.  If they want to remain competitive in the medical field, employers know they have to invest in continuing education in order to retain the top talent.  If there’s a certification you want to obtain to make you better at your job, talk to your supervisor.  Workplace learning environments are a cost effective way for multiple nurses to be trained at once.

Attend seminars.

Attending a seminar (or even a webinar) is a great way to stay up to date on the health care industry. Seminars provide an excellent opportunity to learn about developments in the field, hear lectures from nursing experts, gain leadership experience and network professionally.

Engage in industry advocacy.

Your impact as a nurse can go far beyond the bedside.  You have the ability to distinguish yourself from coworkers by becoming a facilitator for change.  Get involved with ANA or your state’s nursing organization.  Professional nursing institution provide much more than a way to network.  Members of professional organizations can often take certification programs at discounted rates and offer other educational and professional development resources.  Participating in advocacy programs will enhance your professional development and give you greater visibility on the job.

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