Start Preparing Your Medical Staff for 2016….

Finding top-notch medical staff is crucial to the success of your healthcare organization.  And with the recession behind us, the medical staff talent war is back on.  Experts have already predicted that 2016 may be the perfect storm of a worse-than-ever nursing shortage.  Therefore, it’s crucial to start thinking about your 2016 staffing needs now.  Here are a few tips to help you grow your medical team now, so that you’re not short-staffed next year.

Draw up a plan for the future.

You know how you want your organization to develop or at least what you’re hoping to achieve. In order to meet these goals, you need to have the right staff with the right training who can do the work that will enable your medical organization to function effectively tomorrow, next year and in the future.

Understand the skill and knowledge gaps you have.

Evaluate your current medical staff and assess where any skills gaps may be.  Are there areas you’d like to specialize in, but don’t have staff with the appropriate certifications?  Do you have too many nurses in ER and not enough in Labor and Delivery?  Nurses with specific certifications may take longer to find, so you’ll want to start recruiting for those positions as early as possible.

Establish a relationship with a local nursing program.

One way of recruiting fresh new medical help is to work with your local nursing college and take on work- experience students. If you spend time making sure they learn the ropes now, they’ll be up to par when you really need them next year. You gain knowledge of what they can do, whether they’re quick learners, and whether they are someone who will be happy working for you.

Start recruiting.

The earlier you start recruiting, the higher quality of employees you’ll find.  The best job seekers aren’t going to wait until the last month of the year when everyone else is looking for a job; they’re looking to make their move now.  Also, if you staff up before the holidays, you won’t be in a stressful rush trying to schedule interviews around everyone’s vacation plans.  Hire your medical staff before your competition gets to them.

Need help with your hiring process?  

Let the recruiters at BOS Medical help. Whether you’re looking for long- or short-term employees, we have access to top medical talent in Athens, GA; Gainesville, GA, and beyond.  Contact us today to talk about customized solutions for your organization.

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