Is Networking the Answer to Finding Your Next Nursing Job?

Although there are numerous jobs in the medical field, the opportunities for career growth for nurses don’t always present themselves.  If you’re looking for a new job in the nursing industry, you usually have to be the driving force of your own career. You’ve heard time and time again that getting a job is all about who you know—this holds true for nurses as well.  Every profession requires some networking, but it’s become a necessity for nurses to perfect the art of networking in the health care sector.

Ideally, nurses should begin building their network during nursing school and continue to grow it during time as an employee at a medical organization, and through networking platforms and events. If you think of yourself as a marketing force, you’ll have no trouble finding new and exciting opportunities. Here are just a few opportunities for networking with other nurses in order to advance your career.

Health Career Fairs

Near the end of the semester, many nursing colleges and communities offer a career fair specializing in the healthcare industry.  These events are an excellent way to connect with representatives from many different respectable healthcare organizations.  In fact, many of the organizations are there to scout for new talent.  You’ll be able to pass along your resumes, as well as collect a few business cards.

Nursing Associations

If you’re really interested in making a place for yourself in the nursing world, consider joining a professional organization or group.  There are many groups to choose from – student nursing organizations; local nursing organizations; local chapters of the American Nursing Association or American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and others that focus on a nursing specialty.  Ask your nursing colleagues which ones they recommend and get involved.  Most of these organizations hold chapter activities, which provide for networking opportunities with other nurses.

Organizational Networking Sites

If you work for a major hospital, there’s a very good chance they have created their own internal networking platform, as well as social networking sites and blogs.  These platforms are not only a great way for patients and staff to share their stories; it’s also a great way to learn about employment opportunities within the organization.

Online Nursing Networks

There are many sites on the Web that exist exclusively for the purpose of helping nurses connect.  While they may require you to sign up and develop and online profile, the majority of them are free to use.  These sites provide job connections and also allow users to develop support systems for each other. Check out and to get involved in the discussion today.

A little bit of networking can go a long way in your healthcare career.  Not only will it provide opportunities for advancement, it’s a great way to exchange information and advice with other nurses and build friendships with like-minded professionals.

Don’t wait any longer to start networking.  

Talk to the recruiters at BOS Medical today. Whether you’re looking for long- or short-term employment, we have access to opportunities at top medical organization in Athens, GA; Gainesville, GA, and beyond.  Contact us today and you’ll be on the job in no time.

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