4 Team Building Activities to De-stress Your Team and Show Them You’re Thankful for Their Hard Work

‘Tis the season to be thankful and show employees how much you appreciate them.

Your medical staff has worked hard all year and is still ever so busy on the brink of flu season.  During this busy time, it’s more crucial than ever to show employees how thankful you are for their time and commitment.  Show your appreciation and help alleviate stress with on of the below team building activities.

Fitness Classes

The weather is gloomy and the days are shorter, making it harder for employees to stay active.  Working in the medical industry it’s important that employees stay active and healthy, especially during the time of year when many people get sick. Activities such as a group boot camp in the morning or lunchtime yoga sessions are great team-building opportunities that help employees stay active and healthy.  Organizing a weekly 5K run/walk at the end of the workday or joining a local sports league are also fun ways to bond as an organization.  A company sponsored softball or bowling team is a fun way to bond while competing against other teams in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

During this season of giving, bond as an office by giving back to your community and supporting the causes you care about most.  Research shows that participating in volunteer activities outside the office can help employees recover from workplace stress and re-engage. Volunteering will also help build leadership abilities in ways that extend beyond what teams can learn in professional training seminars.

Host a Thanksgiving Meal

The week before Thanksgiving organize a staff luncheon for the day shift and dinner for the night shift so your employees can enjoy a meal together.  This will give everyone a chance to step away from their work and socialize as a team.  From a simple pizza party to an elaborate turkey dinner or potluck, this is a great opportunity to not only show, but also tell employees how thankful you are to have them.

Implement Game Week

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to help de-stress employees.  Designate a game week where employees get to play different games and set up tournament brackets.  Games can be played during lunch breaks and the championship round can be played on Friday.  Not only is this a fun way to encourage bonding, it also gives staff a chance to interact with colleagues that they don’t usually have an opportunity to talk to.

When you take the opportunities to build team camaraderie, you’ll help improve workplace communication and morale, while showing employees you care.  A team that gets along and has fun will be more collaborative in their work.

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