Onboarding New Nurses and Making the Most of Your First Impression

Onboarding a new nurse to your clinic or facility is an important process that sets the tone for a good working relationship.  If you make a great impression, it can lead to many years with a highly productive employee.  Organizations that make a positive impression with onboarding have a much lower turnover rate.  Here are a few tips for improving your onboarding process.

Tidy Up The Paperwork

All too often, the biggest issue in onboarding is a disconnect between human resources and the nursing recruitment team.  After you’ve chosen to extend an offer to a candidate, you need to be in constant, immediate communication with HR.  By already having their employment packet in hand and any necessary forms ready to fill out, you’ll help make the onboarding process as seamless and transparent as possible.  Having a well-organized interaction with HR will make a great impression on the new hire.

Start Off On The Right Foot

New nurses want to make a great first impression on the job and it’s important for the medical organization they’re going to work for to do the same. Try to personally greet the new hire on the first day to make her feel welcome. Go out of your way to let them know how happy you are to have them on the team.  Nurse bullies are far too common in the industry, and it’s important to let the new hire know that kind of tension and animosity is not welcomed in your workplace.

Help Ease Anxieties

Whether straight out of nursing school or a tenured nurse, staring a new job can be extremely nerve-racking. Encourage the new hire to ask questions and offer introductions. Schedule a shift lunch to give the newcomer a chance to get to know fellow nurses and other colleagues in a less formal setting.  This will help them establish report with everyone they’ll be working with.

Engage During Key “Touch-Points”

There are key steps a new nurse must complete throughout the on-boarding process.  Actively engage with new hires during these crucial times and you’ll ensure they are making a smooth transition.  Some examples of key touch points include:

  • The first day of orientation
  • The first week of orientation
  • The first day on their clinical unit

Design efficient processes that give the new nurse all the support and training they need during these key milestones.

If you put in a little extra effort in onboarding up front, you’ll make a great first impression for the organization and be able to retain the employees you spent time and money hiring.

Looking for new nurses to fill open positions at your organization?

BOS Medical can connect you with top medical talent throughout northeast Georgia and nationwide. Contact us today and you’ll be onboarding your next nurse in no time.

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