4 Ways to Show You Are Truly Thankful for the Job You Have

According to a recent John Templeton Foundation survey of 2,000 Americans, people are less likely to express their gratitude at work than anywhere else.  In fact, most people ranked their jobs in dead last of things they’re grateful for.  However, almost all respondents reported that saying “thank you” to colleagues helps them feel happier and more full-filled. But, only 10 percent of those people claimed to actually act on that impulse.

So to recap: most Americans actively suppress gratitude at work, often to the point of making themselves unhappy.

Use this season of thanksgiving to break the status quo and start showing how truly thankful you are for your job and your colleagues.  Here are four tips to help you do so.

Be grateful.

Regardless of your position in an organization, make being grateful a part of your every day routine.  Tell your team how thankful you are to be working with them.  Publically recognize and compliment colleagues for the great work they’re doing. You don’t have to wait until you’re leading a team, a department, or a company to show gratitude. In fact, if you don’t show you’re appreciation now, it’ll seem unauthentic once you’re in a higher position.

Give, give and give.

When you take the extra step to show gratitude at work, it helps mold your overall attitude and outlook on life a well.  You’ll become even more passionate about your job and want to give it your all.  Throw this positive energy into helping your team.  Perform random acts of kindness and be willing to lend a hand wherever it’s needed.  There’s no better way to give thanks than to give back.

Treat others with respect.

One of the easiest ways to show gratitude for your job is by treating those around you with upmost respect. Smile. Be patient. Show kindness. Listen.  For instance, if you know a co-worker is having a rough day and can’t take a lunch break, offer to pick them something up when you run out to grab something for yourself.  Wash your coffee mug in the kitchen, rather than leaving it in the sink and expecting the receptionist or janitor to do it.  If you see someone coming into the office behind you, hold the door.  Think about how nice it is when someone makes a small effort of kindness when you’re having a bad day.  Make it a point to be that person to someone else every day of the week.

Stop complaining. 

There will be days on the job that no matter how much effort you’re putting in, everything seems to go wrong.  There may be a doctor that’s constantly bossing your around or an over-concerned relative who questions everything you say.  It’s natural to want to complain under your breath or to another nurse on shift.  You may even be tempted to call a friend and rant on your way home.  Instead, take a few breaths and remind yourself of the reasons you love your job.  Try to focus on something positive.  Complaining only puts you in a bad mood and doesn’t offer a solution to the problems at hand.

It’s important to keep in mind that people who cultivate thankfulness become happier and healthier than those who don’t.  So embrace the holiday spirit and start showing gratitude in the workplace.

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