A Note to New Graduate School Nurses

To the New Graduate School Nurse:

Congratulations! You’ve passed all the tests and have just begun your career as a new graduate nurse. You love your unit and you couldn’t have ended up with a better manager.

[Fast forward to day three.]

You’re so overwhelmed. You can’t do this. You dread going to work each day. It’s too much. You have twenty things to do all at once. You just clocked in but it seems like you’re already running an hour late.  Why did you sign for up this? Will the shift ever end?

Sound familiar?

Take a deep breath.  You can do this.  Nursing is a field that no matter how much time you spent in the classroom, you aren’t going to be fully prepared for the job.  However, you will get through the learning curve and become a wonderful nurse.   Here are a few things to keep in mind that’ll help you get through this overwhelming transition period with ease.

Positive Thoughts Work the Best

When you’re dreading going to work because you’re anxious at the workload that lies ahead, it’s important to put a stop to your negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts will quickly take over your mind quickly and get you discouraged before you even get to work. Instead, as you get your coffee ready and start your commute to work, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can do this.  Repeatedly tell yourself, “I can handle this” as you clock in and prepare for your shift.

You Already Know the Basics

Nurses are rarely remembered for their intense knowledge of thermodynamics or their ability to recite every hospital policy and procedure verbatim. They’re remembered for their ability to provide consistent, quality nursing care.  You chose this career and have a passion for helping people.  You already exhibit the characteristics of a great nurse.  It’s concentrating on this with your patients that matters.

Remember that You’re Awesome

There are only a very small percentage of people who have the knowledge, compassion, and tenacity to do what it is that you’ve chosen to do with your life. You are already an amazing person and you should acknowledge that fact and draw confidence in your skill set from it.

Focus on Your Priorities

When you have 10 patients screaming that they all need help at once, it’s important to remember that you’re the professional.  While many patients will act like their need is an absolute priority right this second, you’re the one who gets to look at your task list and prioritize everyone’s priorities.  You’re the nurse. You’re the one who sees the big picture.  It’s okay to make people wait when appropriate.  When things get overwhelming, it’s important to remember that YOU get to dictate the order in which you do things.

Wear the Right Shoes

It’s important to equip yourself with the basic necessities to make your job easier.  You can’t afford to be focused on the fact that your feet hurt or your back aches.  It’s essential that you have shoes that are comfortable, provide the right support, are resistant to fluids, have a non-slip sole and make you look like a professional.

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