Advancing Your Skillset by Regularly Attending Nursing Seminars

Balancing a busy nursing career with a personal life — especially when operating on a shift schedule — can be a challenge, so attending regular nursing seminars may seem out of the question. While not required by most employers, making time to take part in these training sessions can be an invaluable experience.

Here are some of the top reasons to start going to nursing seminars on a regular basis.

Networking Opportunities

Seminars are a great opportunity to meet nurses and employers from other facilities in your area and across the country. Whether you’re looking to make new connections who might help you land a new job in the future or simply want to learn new ideas that might enrich your practice, this is a great way to broaden your horizons.

Learn About New Innovations

The medical industry is constantly evolving and it’s your responsibility to learn about new technologies, medicines and research that can help your patients. To truly reach your potential as a nurse, you must commit yourself to a lifetime of learning. Nursing seminars provide you with the opportunity to keep up with trends currently impacting the industry, so you can feel confident in knowing you’re providing the highest level of care.

Earn Continuing Education Units

Nursing continuing education requirements (CEUs) vary by state, but you can rack up all or most of the credits you need by attending nursing seminars on a regular basis. Enjoy the ability to choose topics that interest you and attend events at your own convenience, instead of having to scramble at the last minute to get the CEUs you need.

Get Involved

If you’re hoping to move up the ranks to a leadership role, many seminars hosted by major industry associations — such as the American Nurses Association — have committees you can join to get involved. Not only will it look great on your resume, this experience will allow you to rapidly expand your contact list with some very influential people.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to the Field

Choosing to attend nursing seminars is sure to impress your current employer, because it shows your true passion for the field. When you’re back at work, share materials gathered and lessons learn with your fellow nurses help make a positive impact on your organization. Your extra efforts will definitely be appreciated and noted by management.

How Can BOS Medical Help?

To get more practical advice on topics of interest to the nursing profession, rely on BOS Medical. Whether you are looking for tips on how to handle challenges in the workplace or want to pursue your career options, our nursing and healthcare staffing recruiters go above and beyond to match each of our candidates to the right job. Contact BOS Medical today to find your next opportunity.

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