How to Respond to an Employee Having a Downright Miserable Day

For most people, working in the medical field is incredibly rewarding, but even the best employees aren’t completely immune to bad days. Whether caused by a patient, colleague or a personal issue, especially trying circumstances can make it very difficult to get through a shift.

As the boss, it’s your job to closely monitor the situation to make sure the person hasn’t reached their breaking point and is still capable of properly performing all job functions. Use these suggestions to effectively intervene and do what’s best for your employee, staff and patients.

Immediately Address the Problem

In the medical field, there’s no room for error, so pull your staff member aside as soon as you realize something is wrong. Without pushing too deep and making them uncomfortable, ask if they would like to discuss the problem. If appropriate, find out if there’s anything you can do to help and make sure they’re okay to keep working.

Display Empathy

Speaking harshly to the employee or otherwise making them feel bad about having a rough day is highly insensitive and will only make things worse. Try to put yourself in their shoes and be empathetic to their needs. Sometimes simply having a kind shoulder to lean on is all it takes to change the course of the day.

Give Them a Break

If your roster can handle it, give the person a break to get it together, so they can come back to work feeling a bit better. A little time off may allow them time to solve one of the issues plaguing them or simply clear their head a bit. Sometimes a few minutes alone to focus can make a world of difference.

Grant an Early Dismissal

In the medical field, you can’t keep an employee on the floor if they’re unable to provide a proper level of patient care. A heavily distracted worker is a liability you can’t afford, so tell them to take the rest of the day off and place their full attention on the problem at hand. This might mean you have to operate short-staffed, but quality is better than quantity.

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