What to Expect from a Nurse from a Recruitment Agency


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When employers engage the services of a staffing or recruitment agency to bring on new nurses, they aren’t always sure what sort of potential new hires they can expect. How much of the preliminary work has been done in vetting the nurses, and what type of experience will the new nurse bring to the job? Can you be certain that all of the necessary certification is in place? How much time will be involved in training your new employee in the protocols and procedures of your health care facility?

These and other questions likely loom large when you seek out new staff members form a recruiting agency. Simply put, staffing and recruiting agencies match the potential employee to your specific requirements. All nurses are interviewed and assessed by professional recruiters, versed in medical staffing. The recruiters not only take stock of the individual nurse’s experience and expertise, but also his or her background, and personality, hoping to create the ideal match.

Professional Job Experience

What sort of nurse can you expect to hire from a recruitment agency? Medical staffing agencies represent many different professionals in the field of healthcare, coming from varied backgrounds and levels of experience, Each of these individuals, whether they’re RN/BSN, CNA, CNS, or NP, etc., will typically have at least 1 year of experience in a specialty or unit.

Staffing agencies generally prefer nurses with experience in tertiary level care. In other words, a specialized unit in a hospital or care center. This affords the nurse experience in working with certain medical devices necessary for patient care, and affords the patient more exact and focused care.

Background checked/vetted

When you hire your nursing staff through a recruiting agency, you can rest assured that he or she has been fully vetted and passed all necessary background checks. Further, your professional hire will have the certification and education needed for quality job performance. You won’t need to take precious time away from patient care in order to bring your new staff member up to speed.

A medical staffing agency takes care to make sure the nurses recruited for your service have passed all required assessment exams. He or she will have made NCLEX, and be approved to begin working in a professional capacity immediately.

Tailored to meet your needs

Your nursing staff are specialized in the care they provide. Patients needs vary widely, depending on their condition. Skilled nursing facilities have different requirements for their staff than surgical centers, or orthopedic rehabilitation centers. A professional nurse from a recruitment agency will have the skills you need for your patients’ care. A recruitment agency nurse will be matched according to your specific needs. This means less time spent sifting through applicants for an open position, trying to match the candidate’s skill set to your requirements, allowing you to get back to the business of running your medical facility.

Consummate Professional

When you go to a recruitment agency to find your next addition to your nursing staff, you can expect to be sent a professional caregiver, who meets all of your needs. Quality job performance is assured when working with a medical staffing and recruiting agency because the reputation of that agency relies on it.

Full satisfaction

Your satisfaction with your new hire is usually guaranteed with a professional recruiting agency. It’s essential to a successful match, that you provide a detailed account of what you will be expecting from the candidates. The more aptly detailed you are in the job skills you expect from your nurses, the better able the agency will be to align you with the ideal nurse to add to your staff.
In nursing, every moment counts, and, for your care facility, so does the bottom line. A recruitment agency ensures your time-and money-won’t be wasted, but rather your investment will secure the highly qualified caregivers you need to keep your hospital, clinic, or care facility on top. The right recruitment and medical staffing agency can streamline your hiring procedures for you, saving you money and creating a team of experienced professional nurses to suit your needs.


Photo credit: Christiana Care via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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