3 Cost Effective Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency for Your Medical Staff

The success of your medical facility depends on a few key components-unimpeachable patient care, open communication with staff and family members, professional and up-to-the-minute trained care staff, and, of course, the bottom line. Fortunately, by using a recruitment agency for your medical staff, you can realize cost effective benefits while ensuring the utmost in professional expertise from your medical staff.

Recruitment Agency for Your Bottom Line

The cost-effectiveness of a staffing and recruitment agency becomes obvious from the first hire. Knowing your expectations, your recruiting agent will find the ideal match for your care facility. Once you approve your new staff member, you’ll find a qualified and professional individual who can hit the ground running, with a minimum of training, saving time and money.

The time-consuming tasks are taken care of by professional recruiting agents and you can concentrate on the day-to-day concerns of providing the utmost in medical care at your facility. Here are 3 ways using a recruitment agency can save your medical facility in the cost of securing a new hire:


Finding Qualified Candidates

When you use an agency to hire your next employee, you cut out a lot of the costs associated with the interview process. You won’t use valuable time sifting through applications, setting interviews, and qualifying your candidates. All of that will be done for you by the recruitment agency. Additionally, the agency will take care of the vetting process-including background investigations, drug screening, and any pre-employment testing required for the position.

Staffing agencies take care of payroll discussions, enroll your new hire in benefits programs and other necessary administrative tasks. All the essential concerns related to the hiring process have been seen to, so your new staff hire is ready to become a vital member of your team from day one.

Training Your New Hire

Recruitment agencies are typically better suited to the hiring process than even your own HR department. Once your candidate has been properly vetted, he or she will be assessed, in accordance with your needs. Any training that is required will be taken care of by your staffing agency. You’ll nee only concern yourself with training insofar as your facilities protocols and procedures, should they differ from the norm.

The recruiting agent will only send you candidates with experience in the type of care your facility provides and with the proper skill set necessary to work as a member of your staff. Staffing agencies offer services, comparable to, or exceeding, that of a higher-cost employment specialist. Medical recruitment is a very specialized field and the people who work to secure your new staff member have the expertise to ensure your candidate is properly trained, which saves your facility money.

Keeping Excellent Employees

When your medical facility seems to have a revolving door for staff members, it’s time to look at your hiring practices. Ever-changing staff poses risks to quality patient care, your reputation suffers, and you end up with increased costs, due to finding and training individuals for these open positions.

Recruitment agencies provide an additional layer of accountability and, acting as your agent, as well as representing the employee to a degree, can alert you when an employee becomes disgruntled, or is considering jumping ship. This higher level of accountability ensures serious job candidates, which cuts down on turnover. Not only will you know what to expect of your new staff member, but your new hire will now exactly what’s expected of them. A cost effective benefit indeed.


A Wise Investment

Finding ways to increase your bottom line while maintaining impeccable patient care can be difficult. Every corner you cut may, potentially, result in risk to your patients or staff. Invest in a recruitment agency and you’ll be amazed at the ease with which you find the ideal candidate to add to your staff, saving money in the process.Your initial investment in securing a new hire via a staffing agency is quickly recouped when you realize the amount of money you’re saving in time spent in interviewing, training, and keeping your new staff member.

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