The Role of a Recruitment Agency How They can Help you Find Your Next RN

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The role of a recruitment agency is significant in your search for qualified medical staff. Medical recruiters can help you find your next RN, CSN, PT, OT and many other certified healthcare workers, to build your team of care providers for your clinic, hospital, or nursing facility.

Just What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies are outside firms that work to find the ideal candidate for your job needs. Unlike employment agencies, once you are sent an qualified candidate, with the right skill set, certification, background, experience, and training you require, and you hire that candidate as part of your team, he or she becomes your employee. With an employment agency, the individual who comes to work for you for a period of time is actually an employee of the agency, and not your healthcare facility.

How They Work

Finding the right candidate for your RN position can be extremely time consuming. You search through stacks of resumes, schedule interviews, properly vet the candidates you’re considering, and then schedule training. All the while, you’re hoping this particular RN is a good fit for your facility.

When you contract with a recruitment agency all of the “heavy lifting” is done for you. Your recruiter narrows your search significantly, making sure all the licensing and certification is in order, checking previous employment in order to qualify experience, and going over your checklist of specialized attributes, as required of your RN. This frees up your time to interview only those candidates who are ready to fulfill the specific needs of your healthcare facility.

How do They Recruit Candidates?

Medical staffing and recruitment agencies pull from sources such as internet job boards, and even schools, in order to find viable candidates. Many of the potential RN employees seek out the agency, based on word of mouth. A recruitment agency with an excellent placement track record can have many qualified nurses ready to begin work immediately. Both full- and part-time candidates are available, as well as those who can work long-term, or as a fill-in, or locum position dictates.

Numerous Benefits

The benefits of utilizing the services of a staffing agency are huge-both for the employee and employer. As stated, the employer gains by conducting more efficient interviews with properly vetted candidates. Likewise, the RN will benefit by being matched with positions which meet his or her needs, time wise and as related to job duties and experience. A huge amount of time which would be otherwise wasted, is saved for both the RN and those in charge of hiring for your clinic, or medical facility.

Employers also benefit from the interpersonal relationships built between staffing agents and themselves. As the agency becomes more familiar with the needs of a particular hospital, clinic, or skilled nursing facility, it becomes much easier to rely upon the agency to send the exact employee to meet the needs of that facility. This streamlines the process even more.

Your RN candidate comes to you with a complete understanding of the salary and benefits he or she can expect as a new hire. There’s no negotiating that must be done on your part, and no uncomfortable discussions need to take place. Your recruitment agency has taken care to inform your potential RN hire of just what you offer.

Try a Recruitment Agency for Your Next RN Hire

Now that you understand the ways in which a recruitment agency can help you find your next RN, you can grasp just how beneficial staffing agencies can be to your facility. Not only will you save enormous chunks of time undertaking the interview process, but the stress of finding that “just right” fit in an RN is also substantially less, meaning your new RN hire is more likely to be satisfied, leading to less turnover, less short staffing, and less risks, and better overall patient care.

If you’re considering hiring an RN for your facility, utilize the services of a recruitment agency. Save time, add a qualified RN to your staff, and see positive results in your bottom line. A staffing and recruitment agency is a win-win for all sides.
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