Best Hospitals List 2016-2017


Each year, publications and groups come up with a list of the “Best Hospitals” in the country, based on diverse criteria, ranging from patient care, to communications, use of technology, even food and availability of Wi-Fi. With such extreme variances in categories, it’s easy to get confused.

The most valid yardstick by which any healthcare facility should be measured is patient satisfaction. In order to achieve an honest and thorough sampling of patient and staff opinions, all facets of a facility must be reviewed, uncensored.

Healthgrades organization is dedicated to helping consumers find hospitals that provide the best care to meet the need of the patient. This could mean, while hospitals like the Mayo and Johns Hopkins come to mind as the nation’s best, overall, they may not be the right choice for certain specialties.

Additionally, as a patient care provider, you have your own set of criteria, which typically includes location. For those in the Southeast, specifically in the state of Georgia, finding a top-notch hospital, which provides the finest care in your specialty, isn’t difficult. In addition to many fine teaching hospitals, Georgia boasts some of the best hospitals in cardiac, stroke, women’s health, and joint replacements, and other specialties.

The Best in Atlanta

Piedmont Hospital Fayetteville-According to the Healthgrades rating, Piedmont Hospital Fayetteville, part of the Piedmont team of hospitals throughout the metro area, is rated in the top 1%. In order to achieve this outstanding rating, best hospitals must show excellence across a broad spectrum of procedures, conditions and practices. The hospital must be consistent in excellence for a minimum of 6 consecutive years.

In the past 12 months alone, Piedmont Fayetteville has been recognized for excellence in women’s health, and joint care and replacement, as well as clinical excellence. Piedmont is known for the excellence in patient care, and is considered a top choice by patients and employees alike.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center-NEGMC in Gainesville is another consistently in the top 1%. Patient satisfaction is among the highest of regional hospitals, and patient care is a whopping 88% satisfaction.

The awards won by NEGMC are impressive. NEGMC has been recognized in the past year for their excellence in joint replacement, cardiac care, coronary intervention, vascular, gastro, and general surgeries, and clinical excellence. NEGMC began as a small rural hospital in the (then) small town of Gainesville, GA. In the past decades, NEGMC has grown to surpass some of the more recognized Atlanta hospitals. Impressive indeed.

Georgia’s Best Hospitals

Two of Healthgrades top 100 hospitals, or those in the top 2% of hospitals in the country, are located in Athens, GA, about 70 miles east/northeast of Atlanta. St. Mary’s Healthcare System of Athens, and Athens Regional Medical Center are both highly praised for their patient satisfaction.

Athens Regional-Patients who’ve been to Athens Regional Medical Center rate their nursing care among the highest in the survey at 82%. The hospital is recognized for their clinical excellence, and has also earned awards for critical care and pulmonary.

St. Mary’s Healthcare System-For patients at St. Mary’s in Athens, the experience is outstanding. At least so says the distinguished 2016 award for which this hospital is recognized. An outstanding overall patient experience says a lot about the staff, especially job satisfaction. In addition, St. Mary’s is recognized for clinical excellence, gastro and general surgeries, joint replacement, and stroke care.

Georgia Hospitals of Distinction

While there are many quality healthcare facilities in Georgia, which did not make the list, there are some noted hospitals recognized by Healthgrades as hospitals of distinction, meaning they are outstanding hospitals, just not the top 1% or 2%.

Emory University Hospital in Decatur is noted for their excellence in oncology, orthopedics, and cardiac care.

Emory Midtown is also recognized for their patient care in a wide range of specialties, including their maternity center.

Wellstar Kennestone, in Kennesaw, GA, provides excellent emergency care, as well as general surgery.

For Children’s Hospitals, many publications and ratings organizations consistently rank Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in their top ten, especially for pediatric oncology, and cardiology.

Southeast Region Best Hospitals

For hospitals outside of Georgia, yet within the region and nearby, the following fall into the top 1%:

Mission Health-Located in Asheville, NC, Mission Health is a high-ranking hospital of excellence. With patients consistently giving high-ratings to the physicians, nurses and staff, it’s easy to see why this hospital ranks in the top for patient satisfaction-84%. Also, in the past 12 months, Mission has been awarded for cardiac, critical, and pulmonary care, cranial-neuro, orthopedic, general, and cardiac surgeries, and stroke intervention.

AnMed Health Medical Center-AnMed, located in Anderson, SC, just over the northeastern Georgia border, is a smaller hospital, catering to a more rural community. It has earned recognition for stroke, pulmonary, and critical care, as well as patient safety.

Photo credit: via Visual hunt / CC BY

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