How to Get a Nurse Scholarship Grant



Nursing scholarship grant program can help advance your education. Whether obtaining your initial nursing education, or furthering your career by going for an advanced degree, college can be expensive. Student loans may be an option, but paying them back can take awhile. The stress of having student loans hanging over your head for the next several years is a burden, no doubt.

That’s why it’s imperative that you try to obtain a nursing scholarship grant. Not only will your scholarship grant help finance your continued education, but a nursing scholarship grant will relieve you of at least a portion of your loan burden. If you can find a scholarship or grant that pays for the majority of your tuition you may not even need to concern yourself with the prospect of student loans.

Beginning Your Undergrad Program

For those who may still be in high school and contemplating a career in nursing, your resources are easy. Once you’ve chosen a college and undergrad program, speak with your high school counseling office and find out how you can apply for a nursing scholarship grant. Remember, although many people use the term “grant” and “scholarship” interchangeably, they are two uniquely different ways of providing for your education.

The Difference Between a Grant and a Scholarship

A grant is typically need-based financial aid that helps pay for those students who otherwise couldn’t afford higher education. You can apply for several of these opportunities online. Begin with the government website for FAFSA. There you will be guided through a series of questions to help find out if you’re eligible for either a grant or a loan. All federal and state grants begin with completing your FAFSA information.

Scholarships are merit-based, meaning if you have good to excellent grades (above a ‘C’ average) you may be eligible for one of thousands of scholarships awarded for academic excellence each year. Obviously you know if your GPA puts you in this category. Speak with your school’s financial aid office or your advisor to find out what scholarships may be available for you. You can also perform a search online and you’ll be taken to sites that provide access to scholarships.

Advancing Your Degree with a Nursing Scholarship Grant

Once you’ve completed your RN and begin working you may find that you need more education to get to where you want to be. For instance a PA or NP must have advanced degree. Some states require nurse educators to have a minimum of a Masters in Science in order to teach in an accredited nursing program. And should you want to diversify and go into public health, hospital management, or another related medical field, additional education will be necessary.

Paying for your advanced degree can cause financial strife no matter what, but if you find you need to cut back on work in order to achieve your educational goals, you may be especially burdened. If you have a family furthering your career and realizing your goals may be out of reach for the moment. Or so you may think.

When you’re attempting to go beyond your RN there are several options available to help pay for your education. A nursing scholarship grant that’s tied to relief work, sometimes even in your own city, is one way to move toward your educational goals. You will need to commit to an average of 2 years and you may need to initially obtain student loans, however they will be paid in full upon your completion of the two year term.

Additional Programs

There are other opportunities to obtain nursing scholarship grants to repay your student loans. They involve working with Indian Health Services, which provides healthcare for Indigenous Peoples throughout the US, or even the military. Of course this would depend on your lifestyle at the moment. If you have a spouse and/or children, traveling may not be an option for you.

Many state universities throughout the country have nursing scholarship grant programs in place. There are nursing scholarship grants available to minorities, as well as trusts which have been set up by foundations and wealthy individuals to help those less fortunate further their nursing career.

Finally, professional organizations, such as American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and many others will provide nursing scholarship grants for those going into a particular specialty. Once you’ve chosen your path, it’s worth it to investigate those opportunities for grants from professional organizations.
Nurses are in short supply and quality nurses are always going to be needed. If you want to break into the nursing field, or further your career by obtaining an advanced degree, investigate opportunities that will gift you with financial assistance. For more information, check out college where you’ll find a list of available nursing scholarship grant programs and links to apply.

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