Amazing Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

The amazing benefits of being a travel nurse are priceless-especially for those who crave change and adventure. Changing landscapes and settings, being exposed to entirely new skillsets and protocols, and the freedom to explore, learn, and experience people, places and lifestyle beyond the familiar is an adventure you’ll remember and treasure forever.

6 Enticing Benefits

There are so many unique and individual benefits that you’ll gain in your role as a travel nurse and many will be specific to your experience. But there are several common reasons why so many nurses are opting to embark on such an adventure. Here are six reasons why you should consider spending at least a part of your career as a travel nurse.

The Travel

If you’re someone who loves checking out places you’ve never been before then you’ll find travel nursing to be the right fit for you. There are so many opportunities open for quality nursing staff. From rural outposts to the heart of the big city, from sandy shorelines to snow-capped mountains and beyond, travel nursing can take you anywhere.


There are some skills that can only be learned through unique experiences. Because of the broad range of destinations and hospitals open to a travel nurse you will be exposed to procedures you may never have imagined. You’ll be working alongside experienced colleagues who can help you adapt to protocols specific to that area. Huge, big city campuses and small border town clinics likely do things a little bit differently and the education you obtain is priceless. Each and every destination will have it’s own set of unique challenges and you will be tasked with rising to the occasion and gaining knowledge along the way.

The Pay

As a travel nurse you’ll earn far more than is possible in a standard hospital position. Additionally, many positions offer to cover your travel expenses and some may even help you pay off those student loans. Of course, just like anywhere else, your pay will correspond with your experience as well as your specific specialty. While you likely didn’t enter the profession solely for the money, it’s a nice perk!

Housing Reimbursement

You will typically be paid a housing stipend, and in some cases a per diem to cover your additional expenses. This is often paid directly to you and in one lump sum. If you have made living arrangements already you may be able to add your stipend to your savings and come away that much more financially secure.

Consider New Places to Live

Your career as a travel nurse probably isn’t something you want to continue for the next thirty or more years. When you decide to hang your stethoscope in a more permanent location you will have been able to spend time getting to know those places you might one day consider home. Travel nursing is a wonderful way to “try out” areas of the country you’ve dreamed of living one day.

The Freedom and Flexibility

As a travel nurse your career is exactly what you decide to make it. You don’t need to follow a path set forth by any one hospital or employer. You have the freedom to set personal goals as well as professional goals. Should you decide to take a break between assignments for whatever reasons the choice is yours. Maybe you want to take a detour on the way to your next assignment and visit friends or family. With a little prior planning you are free to do so.


Should You Consider a Career as a Travel Nurse?


Even a short term period as a travel nurse can be a worthwhile experience. Travel nursing allows you to build your resume, see the world, and enrich your life experience on a personal and professional level. Best of all you’ll still receive steady income and excellent benefits while setting your own schedule.

Travel nursing may not be for everyone. Those who cherish their roots within the community in which they live may not do well in a position as a travel nurse. Obviously someone with a growing family would likely pass on the opportunity to be a travel nurse-most days! And if you are pleased with your current position you may not entertain the idea of changing things up career-wise.

However, if you crave adventure and enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people, working as a travel nurse may be the right direction for you. Review the above benefits of being a travel nurse and research those opportunities available to you. Your experiences will be unforgettable to be sure.

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