Business Benefits to Hiring Temporary Medical Staff

Whether you operate a full-service healthcare facility, or a small medical practice, there are some key business benefits to hiring temporary medical staff. The most obvious benefit is to your bottom line, however what was once thought of as availing yourself of sub-par “placeholders” with a negative stigma attached has now become a practical, if not wiser, option to help your full time long-term employees during a census increase, or when regular staff members are unable to perform their duties.

Temporary medical staff offers employers the ability to test out possible new hires and offer full time employment should a staff position come available. Some temporary medical staff prefer the flexibility of short term employment and are eager to fill in for the employees out on medical leave or when there is a sudden need for patient care and overtime is not an option.

7 Reasons You Should Hire Temporary Medical Staff

There are so many business benefits to hiring temporary medical staff, not all of them financial. Here are 7 reasons you should take advantage of temporary medical staff for your healthcare business. A short-term or temporary medical employee could solve many of your staffing problems.

No Obligation: When you hire temporary medical staff you are under no obligation to retain those individual staffers who don’t meet your expectations. Should you find a nurse doesn’t appear to be a good fit with your patients, or a tech is under qualified and too inexperienced for your fast-paced facility you can request the agency send someone else for that job. It’s perfectly acceptable for some employers to cycle through more than a few temporary staffers before finding the ideal fit.

Fill Gaps With Ease: If you ask your employees one of the biggest challenges they face at work you’d likely be told “short-staffing”. Wit the availability of temporary medical staff you can avoid being short-handed even in the event of an emergency. When you build on your relationship with a medical staffing agency you have the ability to ease staffing problems with one phone call. The agency prescreens for your benefit and ensures every possible candidate will be trained and experienced. Avoid the panic that can arise when you find your facility or practice understaffed.

Catch Up on Work: Many healthcare facilities find their employees doing “double duty” providing patient care and performing administrative tasks as needed. This can make it difficult when there is an influx of patients needing care and charting to be done, as well as other tasks. Hiring a temporary nurse for your facility can offer a way to ease the burden of backlog.

Provides Flexibility: When your census numbers are low, or your appointment calendar is light you may be just fine with the staff you have on hand. But what happens when those appointments start filling up with little notice, or your facilities beds are all full? There really is no need to hire additional staff in anticipation of a higher census. You have the flexibility to reach out to a staffing agency for temporary medical staff. This ensures patients are well-cared for and allows you to make the call on how many staff members you need at any given time.

Introduces New Skills and Perspective: Bringing on temporary medical staff can bring new and fresh perspectives and a new way of doing things. Your temporary employee has experienced working at, perhaps, several facilities and is sure to bring skills learned at other healthcare centers to your facility. It’s always beneficial to introduce a more efficient and organized way of performing day-to-day tasks that can take up precious time.

Boosts Morale: When your regular employees see that you are getting them some assistance and they no longer have to worry about being short-staffed or working double shifts. This is an instant morale booster.

Try Before You Hire: Making a bad hire can be extremely costly to your facility or practice. When you are temporary medical staff you are able to see the individual in action and decide for yourself if they would, at some point, make a good permanent fit. Additionally, should you hire your temporary staffer for full-time work you won’t need to use up precious time training them in your facility protocols and procedures. He or she will have already experienced the way things are done at your facility.


It Just Makes Sense


Hiring temporary medical staff for your healthcare facility or practice makes so much business sense. Consider looking into temporary services the next time you find yourself understaffed and you’ll realize many of the advantages for yourself. You may even find the ideal hire for an upcoming position.

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