How Temps Are Changing the Face of Health Agencies

Temps are making a huge impact on the home health care industry in many positive ways. Home health is decidedly the fastest growing industry, bar none, in the U.S. and the demand for qualified clinicians is difficult for many home health care agencies to meet. With changes occurring in healthcare, and an aging population that’s growing by the day, it’s no surprise that the home health industry is predicted to nearly double within the next 10 years.

As the demand continues to exceed available home health workers in many areas of the country, employers are turning to staffing agencies to fill the gaps. Engaging the services of temporary staff makes sense on so many levels. Temps have already been vetted and their credentials are all up-to-date. The home health care temps have experience in patient care and know what to expect. And temp agencies know just how to find the ideal match for your needs.


The Benefits of Using Home Health Temps


Using a staffing service to hire temporary clinicians for your home health agency is beneficial for many reasons. The work of background checks and making sure they have proper certification has been done for you. Training a temp isn’t a hardship as they come experienced and eager to start. Here are some of the top benefits to your healthcare agency when you partner with a staffing service to fill your need for employees:

Candidates Have Been Pre-Qualified

When you enlist the services of a staffing agency your candidates have all been vetted and are thoroughly qualified to work for you. Background checks are performed, references have been contacted, and certifications are in order. You can rest easy knowing your home health care temp is going to represent your company in a positive way, while providing the best of care to your patients.

Home Health Temps Can Work Immediately

You don’t always have time to fill a staff position. Permanent employees may leave without much notice due to illness, family emergencies, or for any number of reasons. When these unforeseen circumstances arise, leaving you without enough staff coverage to provide for your patients, working with a staffing agency is the answer.

Quite often your home health care temp can hit the ground running. In addition to having the certification and experience necessary to the job, your temp worker is aware of the nature of temporary positions. If there is an immediate need your temp worker will rise to the occasion. Peace of mind is one of the many perks of using temporary employees through a staffing agency.

Home Health Temps are Experienced

With the need for healthcare workers and qualified clinicians exceeding available employees you may not always find someone who possesses the skill set you require. Hiring from the outside you may not uncover an individual’s lack of experience or the fact that they are under-qualified until they’re already on the schedule. This can stress your staff and may even pose a threat to the care of your patients.

Staffing agency temps are prequalified and have the experience you require. You are matched with the right person for the job so you know from the start your temp has met the necessary requirements. Because of the experience there’s a shortened training period, which saves your healthcare agency’s bottom line.

You Can Choose Temps With Specialties You Need

Many home health agencies have patients who require a specific type of care. From pediatrics to gerontology, hospice, post-op, wound care and many other specialties, you can find the short-term employee who possesses the skills and certifications particular to the specialized care you provide. Further, because of their experience you can rely on their knowledge and abilities.


No one can really know how the changes in healthcare, combined with the growing demands of an aging population, will ultimately play out, however it’s a sure bet that more and more home health care workers will be needed. A shortage of qualified care providers need not interrupt patient care at your agency. Short-term staff is the solution.

Partnering with a professional staffing agency ensures your patients the best of care, fills in the gaps in schedules, and prevents the kind of short-staffing that causes valued employees to burnout. By hiring home health temps you not only benefit your patients and permanent employees but you boost your bottom line too. Home health temps are here to stay, and you should be utilizing this wonderful resource.

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