5 Tips for Fostering a Better Relationship with Your Healthcare Recruiter

Today’s healthcare providers are faced with many dilemmas. A demand for quality patient care, combined with the extraneous tasks of operating a medical facility or practice, afford little time to providers, or their HR staff, to recruit, vet, and onboard much-needed new hires. especially in such a competitive job market. There’s never been a better time to partner with a healthcare recruiter than right now.

Your healthcare recruiter can provide the expertise needed to match you with new hires quickly and efficiently. Healthcare recruiters maintain a database of qualified candidates who can answer your call for new staff members for your medical practice. What’s more, professional healthcare recruiters have the know-how, through well-honed sourcing techniques, management aplomb, and clinical experience, to advise you on hiring the best talent in the most efficient way, all the time keeping cost in mind.

You recognize the value of working directly with a healthcare recruiter to advance your search for the right medical staff, and you realize a professional recruiter can help you get the most out of your search. That’s why choosing to partner with a healthcare recruiter is an easy decision. But are there things you can do to make sure your partnership is even more advantageous to you, your practice, and ultimately your patients?

5 Tips to Build Your Healthcare Recruiter Relationship

By taking the time to foster a relationship with your healthcare recruiter you’re not only improving your hiring odds, you’re also developing a solid plan for staff management. Operating a medical facility or practice can be a challenge, but with the right recruitment partner you can ease the burden of finding, hiring, and managing staff. Here are 5 solid tips to help you get the most out of your partnership with your healthcare recruiter.

Communicate Your Goals to Staff

The relationship you build with your healthcare recruiter must include those members of your internal staff who are involved in the hiring process. This includes everyone from management all the way up to the executive level. You need to ensure their buy-in when it comes to working with a professional recruitment service. Outline the benefits, not only to the company as a whole, but also to your internal staff. By bringing everyone together and sharing the same goals your healthcare recruiter will be seen as a valued member of the team.

Onboard Your Healthcare Recruiter

As a valued member of the recruitment team your healthcare recruiter needs to have a voice when it comes to your hiring practices. Include and involve your professional recruitment associate in designing training practices, visuals and materials, familiarize them with your system, and ensure that your healthcare recruiter has full access to others on the recruitment team. Introduce your recruiter to your mission statement and the culture of your facility. Your recruiter can utilize these as selling points to encourage candidates.

Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities

In order to successfully integrate your healthcare recruiter as a member of the team you must clearly and succinctly define the roles and responsibilities of both the recruiter and internal staff. Tis will help you avoid any mix-ups and potential misunderstandings.

Choose a Healthcare Recruiter With Experience

When you partner with a healthcare recruiter you have access to some of the best medical staff management tools around. These are experts in the field and have the experience, knowledge and understanding of those attributes which make your offer of employment attractive to potential candidates. Not only does this help you fill open positions with the most qualified individuals but you’ll learn just what it takes to retain above average medical staff. By fostering your relationship with your healthcare recruiter you and your team benefit far beyond the hiring process.

Partner with Your Healthcare Recruiter on Other Issues

Your recruiter has likely “heard it all” and that’s something from which you can benefit. In any medical facility management challenges and even conflicts can arise. Your recruiter can help you develop a plan customized to your facility’s management style which can help diffuse those challenges before they escalate.

Getting the most value for your investment is easier when you have a team working in your favor. By incorporating these 5 tips you can improve your relationship with your healthcare recruiter and unburden yourself and your staff of the tedious task of recruiting, vetting, and training new hires. Additionally you can benefit from your recruiter’s experience in the clinical field, and knowledge of best staff management practices.

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