Scheduling Made Easier Than Ever With Shiftboard


Ask any nurse, especially nurse managers, the biggest sources of stress they face in the day-to-day of their career and managing work schedules often tops the list. Scheduling vacations, PTO, equitable shift-coverage, holidays, all the while keeping patient acuity and care at the forefront is difficult at best, and downright overwhelming at worst. If only you could streamline your scheduling so it was easier. If there was a way to know ahead of time who was open to covering a shift, who was out of town, and what shifts need more coverage, wouldn’t your job be so much easier?

Enter the cloud-based Shiftboard scheduling tool. For shift-planning there’s never been an easier way to deal with scheduling. And everyone benefits-nursing staff, care managers, medical facilities, and especially patients. Those nurses and managers for whom Shiftboard scheduling is available have less worry and stress over scheduling and staying on top of staffing concerns.

Shiftboard Scheduling Is Easy to Use

For hospitals and other medical facilities the work day never ends. 24/7 coverage can be problematic depending on the patient census, or when you’re short staffed for any number of reasons. With Shiftboard scheduling hourly workers is at the center of day-to-day operations.

Shiftboard Allows Better Communication

Communication between management and staff is essential to scheduling, making sure each shift is covered, vacations are managed, and all credentials are up-to-date. Shift commitments are there for you to affirm and approve, availability is clearly stated for your manager to see so that picking up shifts is made easier.

Nurses Benefit Most

Let’s face it, nurses and their managers are only human. The margin for error can be pretty wide when it comes to scheduling and making sure all shifts have been covered. Miscommunication, heavy patient load, even an outbreak of the flu can disrupt a well-planned schedule in a heartbeat. When you put scheduling (literally) in the hands of your staff there’s much less room for confusion and miscommunication. Here are some of the ways Shiftboard scheduling makes life easier for nurses and managers.

Easy Coverage: Our Shiftboard scheduling has been customized to offer staffing solutions. With the ease of implementation this handy app eliminates the countless phone calls and texts involved with finding coverage when you’re short-staffed. Additionally our nurses know much sooner when they will be working. You won’t have to plan your day around a phone call or text that may or may not come.

Request Changes: The Shiftboard scheduling app is convenient. It’s mobile, available to you 24 hours a day, and makes it much easier to request changes as you need them. The app allows you to interact with managers as well as other staff. This function makes swapping shifts and finding coverage a whole lot easier.

Assignment Location and Tracking Hours Worked: Getting to your assignments is easier with Shiftboard. The scheduling app also provides directions to your assignment location. You won’t need to bother with the frustrating task of chasing down a supervisor to sign off on your timecard, or to approve a schedule change. It’s all right there, within your control.

Happy Nurse Happy Life

Your work schedule should be in your control. When you have a say in where and what hours you work, based on your availability, you have much more job satisfaction. Shiftboard scheduling offers nursing staff the ability to set their own schedules. The result is amazing. You’ll experience far less over-scheduling, one of the biggest reasons nurses suffer job burnout, and short-shifting is easily remedied with the Shiftboard scheduling app.

Beyond Shiftboard Scheduling

Shiftboard takes you beyond scheduling by keeping on top of your credentials. Your value to an employer is directly connected to your ability to meet requirements for certifications and licensing. Shiftboard can track your credentials and even remind you when it’s time to renew. That way you’ll always know that you’re in compliance with the laws of the state in which you work, and that you have the right credentials for the job.

Nursing can be a high-stress job. Your responsibility to your patients, your coworkers, management, combined with all of the other responsibilities you have can make it tough to remember why you felt called to nursing in the first place. The freedom, convenience, and flexibility you find with Shiftboard’s scheduling app will allow you to be the nurse you’ve always wanted to be, clear, focused, dedicated and ready to care.

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