Time Management Shouldn’t Mean Chasing Down Supervisors

As a nurse time management is crucial to your career, your life. Shifts are typically long, often grueling, and always unpredictable. When you have to chase down your supervisor for such things as request for time off, approval for switching shifts with a coworker, or to sign your time sheet, it can add to your stress and time doesn’t stop while you wait. There really should be a more congenial and easy path to getting these action items taken care of.

Instead of chasing down your supervisor for approval, finding a coworker to cover a shift for you, or stressing out over your unsigned time sheets, you can manage your time much more efficiently with the Shiftboard app. This amazing tool keeps all those involved in the loop, making time management easy and quite literally at your fingertips.

With Shiftboard You Take Control

There are so many positive advantages to using the Shiftboard app. In addition to ease of use this remarkable app allows you to be in control of your time management. You set your schedule by alerting your manager to the times you are available. You work out shift trades with your coworker. Best of all supervisors are alerted when your time sheet needs to be approved via an email. No more wasting your valuable time trying to find someone to approve your hours worked. 

Make Changes and Keep Track

But that’s not the only reason you should be excited about Shiftboard. The Shiftboard app aids you in time management in additional ways. For instance, should you have an event coming up and you’re scheduled for a shift on that particular date and time simply send your coworkers a request to change shifts. Once you’ve found coverage it will be noted on both of your schedules.  

24/7 access to your Shiftboard app is another boost to your time management. We all know sick days are never timely. When you’re scheduled to work but awaken at 3 a.m. with the obvious signs of strep throat you are able to alert those in charge so that your shift is covered for as long as you need. 

The Shiftboard advantage means you keep track of your hours worked right in the app. Your managers are aware and the opportunity for mistakes is greatly reduced by this awesome organizational tool. It really is a benefit to you simply in it’s accuracy. There’s no better time management tool available. 

Time Management Win for Everyone 

Studies show that engaged employees-those who have a direct say in how their time is managed-are far happier than their paper-pushing counterparts. Not only is this beneficial to your employers but time management through use of the Shiftboard app allows you to have a much better handle on your precious time and how it is used. You are in partnership with management as far as your schedule goes.

Scheduling can be a mess, there’s no doubt. Trying to determine who belongs where and at what time can frazzle many a manager’s nerves-and with good reason. Time management is out the window as quite often managers find themselves inundated with the minutiae of the scheduling task. Hunting down post-it notes where someone requested time off, or tracking down the two nurses who pledged to trade shifts in order to ensure proper coverage, knowing when one of the nurses is available and inadvertently calling on the wrong one-all of these events are just part of the scheduling nightmare for managers.

For nurses themselves the chance that mistakes will be made in such a disorganized situation is high. That doesn’t simply spell out inconvenience, this kind of disorganization can cost you money and wreak havoc on your time management. With Shiftboard you have the advantage of organization. Your manager knows when you’re available and your shifts are easily referenced through the Shiftboard app. Shiftboard is a win-win for all.

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