You’re a Step Ahead With the Shiftboard Advantage

When you work with an agency organization is the key to your success. Shiftboard provides you the opportunity to stay on top of things by allowing you access to your schedule, putting you in control of your hours, and helping you stay up-to-date on any changes that my come up. The shiftboard advantage puts you in charge of your career.

As an agency nurse you deal with a diverse group of employers. From large medical centers, to long-term care facilities and every type of healthcare facility in between, you never know what employment opportunities might come your way. The Shiftboard advantage means you can select from those available shifts and find the positions that suit you best. 

More Employee Satisfaction

Compared to other means of scheduling and shift-management, Shiftboard provides nurses ownership of their own scheduling. And, let’s face it, who knows better when you can easily work and when it might cause you some stress? You do! Shiftboard makes scheduling easy and transparent. Scheduling is fair, yet allows for personal preferences. That means happier nurses and happier managers. 

The Shiftboard advantage to employers is seen in their desire to work for an agency which utilizes this beneficial app.The flexibility found in working with an online scheduling tool is great. Who wouldn’t want to have the type of control offered with the Shiftboard advantage?

Shiftboard Advantage Means Fewer Absentee Nurses

Of course you’re going to feel much more committed to a schedule you had a hand in creating. This means you’re less likely to call out, or worse, not show up for work when you have a conflict or emergency, such as a sick child or no means of transportation. It’s easier to find someone to cover your shift when you use the shiftboard app. You can contact coworkers and managers right through your Shiftboard app and trade shifts to ensure proper coverage. The transparency of what’s taking place follows the chain of command and means your manager is aware; there’s no confusion going forward.

No Chasing Down Managers With the Shiftboard Advantage

No one likes to chase down a manager when there’s a scheduling change. Shiftboard allows you to communicate with management online and in real time. No more staying late, coming in early, or taking the time on your day off to get management approval for trading shifts, or other administrative tasks.

You can keep track of your time and your time sheet right in the app. This eliminates the chance for mistakes to be made, and lets you rectify any discrepancies before they show on your paycheck. That’s definitely a good thing.

Additional Advantages to Using Shiftboard

You can also keep track of your credentials and know when you have a renewal coming up for licensure or certification. You’re able to update these events right in the app and alert management to your renewals. Shiftboard makes for a much more efficient way of managing your career and all that it entails.

Medical staffing agencies that utilize this remarkable tool know that the Shiftboard app will allow for seamless scheduling, no matter how hectic schedules may become. The benefits to nurses, managers, and the medical facility they serve is most evident in patient care. When you have the Shiftboard advantage working for you, patient care remains at the front and center of all you do.

Maintaining Control Over Your Career

There’s so many benefits with the Shiftboard advantage. You can choose the times and places you wish to work and even find the best route to get there. You can manage your time sheets and streamline that task online, right in the app. The Shiftboard app even allows you to communicate real-time with your coworkers and trade shifts, with management approval, as necessary.

But, by far, the real Shiftboard advantage is in your ability to maintain control and stay organized. In a career where your tasks and to-do list seem to grow by the day, isn’t it nice to know that some things are getting easier? The Shiftboard advantage lets you get back to caring for patients. After all, it’s what you do best.

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