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Recent graduates of nursing programs strive for jobs that appeal to them the most. Whether the available shifts appeal, the money is good, it’s close to home, excellent benefits, or any number of reasons, nurses are looking for the best nursing jobs available. The search can be frustrating if you aren’t sure where to begin. 

Take heart. The best nursing jobs board on the net can help refine your search. You can get you started in the career of your dreams. BOS Medical Staffing has access to many of the best nursing jobs around. Because we have access to all the top employers in the medical field we’re able to organize our jobs board in a way that highlights only the best nursing jobs available.

What Defines The Best Nursing Jobs

Obviously when it comes down to it, the best nursing jobs are those with perks. Jobs that pay well, offer excellent benefits, and room to grow your career. Additionally there are many other aspects of the job which appeal on a more personal plane. Advantages that answer your needs; Positions in your area of specialty, part-time or full-time hours, location, and many other elements you personally desire, help define the best nursing jobs for you.

Another facet which helps to define those “best nursing jobs” would be the trend of specialties, and the growing need for nurses in areas such as geriatrics, oncology, public health, and cardiology. As a huge portion of the population-the baby boomers-ages these are certain areas of healthcare experiencing an influx of patients. Employers are desperate to fill positions in patient care and nurses are benefitting. If you haven’t considered one of these rapidly growing areas of healthcare, you should. They offer some of the best nursing jobs available.


Between 1946-1964 the U.S. experienced a huge jump in population, known as a “baby boom”. Those born during the baby boom are rapidly approaching the time in life when certain age-related illnesses begin to show up. Even the healthiest of the baby boomer generation will need age-specific care at some point. 

For nurses there are certain areas in geriatrics which offer the best nursing jobs available today. And the area is absolutely growing. Job security and the opportunity to grow with your geriatric specialty are among the perks making geriatrics a very desirable specialty.

Geriatric Case Manager:  This job entails working closely with the families of your patients, providing them with information and alerting them to the patient’s needs after surgery or upon discharge from in-patient rehab. 

Geriatric Personal Care Assistant/ Home Health Aid:  A personal care/ home health aid isn’t typically an RN.  A nurse tech or nurse assistant can capably handle the tasks and duties assigned to this job. As a personal care assistant you will provide assistance and direction for the patient in matters such as hygiene, meal-prep, errands, and most importantly companionship. This can be an extremely gratifying position, making it one of the best nursing jobs out there.

Geriatric Nurse Practitioner:  As the baby boomer population ages there is a growing need for NPs-someone to fit the gap in geriatric-specific physicians and provide care in areas such as examinations, prescribing medications, making a diagnosis and providing referrals. 

There is also a high demand for geriatric physicians, physical, cognitive, and recreational therapists and assistants in this growing field of healthcare.


The seniors of today are much more active, much longer, than their earlier counterparts. Good for them, however it can lead to myriad injuries and need for orthopedic care. For nurses skilled in this field of study there are many available positions. From doctors offices, to hospitals and rehab centers this area will always be a source of some of the best nursing jobs available.


The combination of advances in neuroscience and  the size of this aging population creates available positions for nurses in this specialty. Nurses are required to have a high degree of training in neuroscience. But if you are qualified you can certainly grow your career in this field. Nuero-related diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s have been a focus of intense study in recent years. Conditions such as stroke are likewise in the forefront of research the last few decades. Advances in this specialty have created a need for qualified nurses in this rapidly growing area of medicine.

These are just a few of the fast-growing areas in healthcare. As patient populations grow you’ll find some of the best nursing jobs on our board. Cardiology, oncology, and general surgery are also growing in their need for nurses. In caring for an aging population it is important to understand the age-specific requirements, as well as concerns of patients and their families. 

More seniors are planning to age in place, for as long as possible. That means home health and personal care nurses are in high demand. Consider further training in one of these specialties, if necessary. Check out our jobs board for more of the best nursing jobs board on the net.

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