Celebrating 40 Years of Medical Staffing

This year, BOS Staffing is proud to celebrate 40 years of providing staffing services in the greater Atlanta area. BOS Medical has been setting the standard for excellence in the healthcare staffing industry for more than a decade and looks forward to continuing that excellence in the future.


Our History

BOS Medical was founded in 2008 as a division of BOS Staffing, which has been serving businesses in the greater Atlanta, Athens, and Covington, GA areas since 1979. The company is a local, family-owned business and meets the Small Business Administration’s criteria of a small business — we’re here to give back to our community by helping other businesses, improving the employment circumstances of our job applicants, and boosting economic development throughout the region.


Our Mission

The BOS Medical mission is to be the standard by which excellent healthcare staffing services are measured. We strive to be a dynamic organization focused on consistently surpassing our customers’ and employees’ expectations. The BOS Medical team does that by:

  • Hiring and training staff members of the highest caliber
  • Using skills and talents across the entire organization to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction
  • Striving to be innovative, creative and outstanding in every regard
  • Serving as a role model by conducting all business affairs on high moral and ethical standards


Our Recruiters

Our recruiters attain their Certified Staffing Specialist certifications from the American Staffing Association, which guarantees every employees’ knowledge and understanding of state and federal employment laws. Everything we do is aimed at keeping clients, patients and caregivers in the greater Atlanta, Athens, and Covington, GA areas safe. BOS Medical is proud to have attained Inc. 5000’s Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction and Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction ratings in 2018!


Join Us!

Whether you’re looking for a new job, or in need of staffing solutions, the BOS Medical team, and BOS Staffing as a whole, is proud of the work we’ve done over the past 40 years. We look forward to continuing to serve generations of businesses and job seekers in Georgia and across the South.

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