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BOS Medical Introduces “Next Day Pay”

BOS Medical is thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature for nurses in the Atlanta, GA area: the BOS Medical Next Day Pay Program. The program starts on April 1, 2019, for all active and potential nurses.


What is Next Day Pay?

Next Day Pay is a way for hardworking nurses to submit their timecards and receive direct deposit the very next day. This feature is available to all of BOS Medical’s nurses who have an active Workplace Portal.


How Does It Work?

Active nurses can upload completed and signed timecards to the correct shift on their active Workplace Portal by noon each day. BOS Medical will process those timecards that same afternoon. Then, those nurses will receive their direct deposit in their bank accounts the next day.

What if you don’t get the timecard in by the noon deadline? No problem – just send it to us by noon the next day.

We know waiting for two paydays can be tough. We urge you to take advantage of your Workforce Portal to:

  • Request shifts
  • Schedule availability
  • Upload your timecard by noon each day (please remember we must have a shift that coincides with that time card!)


How Do I Get Started?

Are you a nurse in or around Atlanta, GA? If you’re not already active with BOS Medical Staffing, give us a call at 706-775-8907. We’ll guide you through the next step of your application and get you set up with the nursing job that you deserve.


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