Why Culture Matters to Your Nursing Staff

While the culture at a healthcare or nursing facility may vary a bit from a traditional “office” culture, it’s as important in the nursing world as it is in any other field. As a healthcare employer in or around Atlanta, GA, maintaining a great culture is of the utmost importance! Here are four reasons why culture matters so much to your nursing staff.

Good Culture Helps Patients

When nursing staff members enjoy a good company culture at work, they’re happier and more motivated. That translates directly into better patient care. A great culture involves hiring and keeping the very best nurses — that means every patient in your facility is receiving top-level care from nurses who want to be the best they can be.

Good Culture Improves Safety

Another part of good culture is a sense of comradery and working together as a team to achieve a common goal. One of the most important goals is safety. Facilities with great cultures also tend to be those with the best safety records — on the flipside, healthcare organizations with negative, toxic cultures often let safety protocol fall by the wayside. When nurses or patients get hurt, morale goes down and the bad cycle continues.

Good Culture Promotes Advancement

When nurses feel valued and appreciated at their jobs, they want to perform better. One way to do this is through continuing education; companies with the best cultures offer their employees opportunities to learn more and grow their skill sets. Opportunities to advance in position are also important — there’s nothing that stifles good culture more than the sense of working a dead-end job with no future growth!

Good Culture Retains Talent

Finally, maintaining a great culture at your healthcare facility means your best employees don’t want to leave. Retain the best talent by making your workplace culture one of positivity and teamwork.


Contact Us To Learn How You Can Promote Great Culture

Clearly, promoting a great culture at your healthcare facility isn’t just a suggestion. It’s fundamental to the happiness of your staff, the wellness of your patients and the success of your business. If you operate a medical facility in the Atlanta, GA area and would like help creating a great culture at your company, call the experts at BOS Medical — we’re here for you!


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