Be Paid the Right Way With “Next Day Pay”

BOS Medical recently introduced an exciting new feature for nurses in and around Atlanta, GA: Next Day Pay. The program allows nurses to submit their timecard by noon each day and receive their pay in their bank accounts via direct deposit the very next day! The feature is available to every BOS Medical nurse with an active Workplace Portal.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of Next Day Pay:

You Get Your Money Right Away

The first and most obvious benefit of the Next Day Pay program is you don’t have to wait around for your paycheck. It can be tough waiting for two pay days a month, and you don’t have to when you’re signed up with the Next Day Pay program. No more working long hours and waiting to see the benefit — you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work almost instantaneously!

It Helps With Bills

Let’s face it: It’s extremely helpful to have your funds in your bank account right away when it comes to paying your bills. With the Next Day Pay program, you don’t have to worry about whittling away at your paycheck to pay your utility bills, internet service and monthly rent, and then using whatever is left to buy groceries for you and your family. Instead, the money you’re owed is there right away.

Another great benefit of Next Day Pay is the security it provides should you have an unexpected bill. There are all kinds of possibilities: an expensive car repair you didn’t see coming, a doctor’s visit or an emergency home repair can take you — and your bank account — by surprise at any moment. Next Day Pay ensures you have the funds available to take care of unexpected bills or charges.

It Helps With Budgeting

Getting paid with Next Day Pay is also a powerful budgeting tool. You’ll be able to look ahead at your bills and see what needs to be paid when, and you’ll know that you’ll have your pay in your bank account when that time comes. This makes budgeting a breeze!


Ready to get set up with BOS Medical’s Next Day Pay program?

If you’re a nurse in or around Atlanta, GA and aren’t already active with our service, give us a call at 706-775-8907 or contact us online.


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