Ensure the Safety of Your Medical Staff

Medical facilities are places of healing, but that doesn’t mean they’re without risk for the individuals who staff them. All employees of a medical facility – from nurses and aides to clerical workers and janitors – must remain safe on the job! When injuries occur, the facility is not only short on labor but may incur significant monetary costs because of the incident.

Medical facilities in and around Atlanta, GA can use these steps to ensure the safety of all staff. That way, staff members, administrators, and patients remain happy!


Prioritize Safety Culture

Safety across the entirety of your facility starts at the top. It’s essential that a culture of safety is prioritized and promoted, then every person who works at the facility knows that safety is a paramount aspect of their job. This reduces accidents and injuries dramatically.

Handle Patients Properly

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), overexertion accounts for nearly half of all workplace-related injuries among employees in medical facilities. Lifting and moving patients is one of the biggest culprits – manually moving other people can cause great strain, potentially causing employees to experience muscle pain or musculoskeletal injury. Make sure employees know the protocol at your facility; if they can’t easily move a patient by themselves, ask for help.

Continue to Educate

Medical technology is always improving and advancing, so it’s important you keep up the education when it comes to equipment. Training employees on how to properly handle equipment and tools in the workplace is essential for avoiding injuries. It’s also important to implement continual training on avoiding contact with bodily fluids or drugs, handling needles safely and maintaining a sanitized environment.

Don’t Overlook Mental Health

Employees of medical facilities face another kind of hazard beyond the physical. Mental health can take quite a beating in the medical field – make sure there are systems in place to get employees help when they need it. Provide options for counseling, and allow staff to take time off or a leave of absence if they’re feeling overwhelmed. Make sure all team leaders know how to respond if a staff member comes to them with concerns about themselves or about another employee.



Don’t wait another day!

If you’re in charge of a medical facility near Atlanta, GA and would like to learn more about ensuring the safety of your staff, give BOS Medical a call.

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