How to Interview for Ethics

Almost every business has a code of ethics, but ethical standards hold an especially important place in the world of healthcare. In situations that sometimes involve life and death, it’s important your facility hires the right people that will not only follow your business’s ethical code, but put ethical conduct at the very center of everything they do as a nurse or healthcare provider.

Here are just few examples of questions your Marietta-based medical facility can ask to learn about a candidate’s ethics during an interview:


What Do You Believe “Ethics” Means in the Workplace?

This is a broad question, and there’s no one correct answer. It’s a great starting place, however. Asking a candidate this question is a good way to assess the amount of importance they place on conduct, and how they might react in certain situations that challenge their ethics. You can also use this question as a starting point to inform the candidate about your company’s code of ethics and see how they respond.


What Would You Do If Your Ethics Were Challenged at Our Company?

Another method is to take the direct approach and ask the candidate what they would do when they encountered an ethical dilemma at your facility. You might even outline a specific hypothetical scenario and see how the interviewee responds. Paying careful attention to how the candidate maneuvers through their answer can provide valuable insight into their internal code of ethics.


Would You Lie for a Boss or Manager?

Obviously, the answer you’re looking for here is a “no.” Don’t let the candidate stop there, though. Have them describe what they might feel and do if a supervisor asked them to lie on their behalf. Having the candidate expand on their answer to this question can let you in on their thinking when it comes to ethical behavior.


Describe a Time When Your Ethics Were Challenged on the Job

It’s happened to everyone at one time or another — don’t believe a candidate who says they’ve never experienced a dilemma at the workplace. Even the simplest of ethical problems can tell you a lot about a candidate’s character.


Learn More About Your Candidates’ Ethics

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