How to Achieve Work-Life Balance as a Nurse

For nurses, long hours come with the territory. However, since nurses are so directly involved with the health and wellness of their patients, it’s important those hours spent on the clock don’t become overwhelming. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a must for nurses in and around Atlanta — here are five great ways to do just that:


Set Aside Self-Care Time

Self-care can take many forms: a spa day, working out at the gym, a massage, going for a jog, some casual shopping or spending quality time with close friends are just a few examples. These activities help to keep your mind and body healthy and engaged, allowing you to recharge before heading back to work.

Take Time Off

It’s not enough to prioritize the time you have off from your normal work schedule. Taking actual vacation days is a must when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance and avoiding burnout. Too often, nurses are discouraged — whether it’s directly or indirectly — from using their accrued vacation time. Remember: Those vacation days are there for a reason, so use them!

Request Certain Shifts

It’s not possible at every medical facility, but see if you’re able to request shifts that work best with your particular schedule and lifestyle. Some nurses work best in the morning and like to have their evenings off for family time or other priorities. Some would rather come in later and work into the evening, while still other nurses are best suited for overnight work.

Learn When to Say “No”

Sometimes, nurses get overwhelmed with their working life because they take on too much. Whether it’s a co-worker asking you to cover their shift or a supervisor seeing if you’re available to take on more hours over the weekend, it’s important to remember you can say “no.” It all goes back to prioritizing that time you have away from the workplace!

Ask for Help

If you feel that work takes up too much of your life and you’re struggling to maintain a proper balance, it’s perfectly okay to ask for help. Don’t hesitate to go to your supervisor or the HR department with your concerns. An overwhelmed nurse is no good for anyone, so it’s best to deal with the problem as quickly as you can.


Add More Balance To Your Life

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