Tips for Nurses Re-Entering the Workforce

Are you a nurse in or around Conyers re-entering the workforce after some time away? Nurses step away from the profession for a variety of reasons: exploring other career fields; taking care of a family member; starting a family of their own …  the list goes on and on. Read on for some tips and tricks to make things easier when re-entering the world of nursing.


Update Your Credentials

The most important thing to do before signing on with a healthcare facility is to update your credentials. The particulars of these credentials will depend on your state’s requirements and regulations. Generally speaking, you will need to submit continuing education credits of some kind if you’ve been inactive for several years, because it’s likely your licensure has lapsed. You’ll probably also have to update your Basic Life Support (BLS) status by attending a local BLS renewal class.


Take a Nurse Refresher Course

Did you know there are refresher courses designed specifically for nurses that have been out of the field for a time? Nurse refresher courses are perfect for reintroducing a nurse to the workforce after time away. Even if a nurse refresher course isn’t endorsed by your state’s board of nursing or required by the facility you’re applying to, it’s a great way to refresh your skills and knowledge before stepping back into the workforce.



If you have the availability and know you plan on returning to the nursing field at some point, you might consider volunteering at a medical facility during your time away. Simply being around that environment — equipment, patients, healthcare professionals, family members, etc. — is a great way to stay up to date with the nursing field.


Talk With Other Nurses

Whether you’re volunteering or not, maintaining communication with other nurses is a great way to prepare to re-enter the profession. It’s an effective way to keep your finger on the pulse of nursing and stay informed of current practices and advancements in the field, so you don’t have to play as much catch-up.


Make an Easier Transition

If you’re a nurse in the Conyers area looking to re-enter the workforce after some time away, let us help make the transition easier. Call BOS Medical to get started.

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