Nursing Salaries: What Can You Expect?

Aside from benefits, a positive working environment and growth opportunities, one of the most important factors for any nurse choosing a new position is salary. You want to be fairly compensated for your work, and receive a salary that is appropriate for your experience and on-par with those of your peers.

Read on to find out more about what nurses in and around the Covington area can expect in terms of salary. This data is gathered from the Salary Comparison Tool found at Of course, keep in mind these figures can vary greatly based on specific location, cost of living in that location, the employer, the candidate’s experience and many other factors.


Registered Nurses

In the greater Atlanta area, the median salary for a registered nurse is $70,400. Moving out from the city a bit, the median salary in the Macon area is $62,290. In Georgia as a whole, the median is $66,110. So, while the median salary is higher in the more populated areas close to Atlanta, the cost of living is also higher. This is something for any nurse considering a position in Georgia to think about. It’s all about balancing where you would like to live with what’s affordable.


Nurse Practitioners

In and around Atlanta, a nurse practitioner earns a median salary of $98,850, very close to the state’s median of $98,660. The median jumps moving out of Atlanta — in Savannah, nurse practitioners earn a median salary of $102,410, and the median in Albany is even higher at $109,860.


Nurse Anesthetists

A nurse anesthetist working in the Atlanta area can expect to command a salary around $140,000 a year. The top-earning anesthetists in this area may reach closer to $160,000. The state’s median salary for a nurse anesthetist is $145,530.

The numbers increase in the Augusta area, where the median salary for an anesthetist is $167,100. The most experienced and top-earning anesthetists in and around Augusta earn above $190,000 a year.


Find Your Dream Job

As you can see, nursing salaries in and around Covington and other cities in the state aren’t cut-and-dry. It’s all about location, experience, and employers themselves. When nurses know what their peers are receiving in their area, they know what to fight for. If you’re a nurse living in or moving to the Covington area, allow us to make your job search easier. Reach out to BOS Medical today to get started.


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