Nurses on the Front Lines of Disaster Response

Watch the news long enough, and you’re sure to hear about a disaster situation in one form or another. Natural disasters are becoming more and more common, and man-made ones aren’t going away anytime soon either. Nurses in Gainesville, and around the world, play a critical role in helping the victims of these tragedies — let’s take a closer look at nurses and the ways they help with disaster response.

What Kind of Disasters Do Nurses Help With?

Nurses help with disasters of just about any kind — weather events like hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, as well as everything from mass shootings and extremist violence to chemical spills and food shortages. Behind it all, nurses are there to help victims, families, and entire communities recover. There are nurses who travel to the areas where a disaster took place, and there are nurses who help victims of a disaster at their normal place of employment.

How Can Nurses Help?

There are many ways nurses help during disaster response. First, they provide life-saving emergency medical care. This can involve assessing the state of victims, delivering first aid, and helping to move injured individuals when necessary so they can receive proper care.

Nurses also provide help in more behind-the-scenes ways. Comfort and mental health assistance are important parts of it, as victims may be traumatized and need help coping over time. Nurses are also critical in providing education — educating populations on how to best prepare ahead of time for a disaster or how to successfully make it through one after it’s happened, are important steps that make all the difference before, during, and after a disaster.

What Considerations Must a Disaster Nurse Make?

There are plenty of considerations fo make when it comes to assisting with a disaster situation. Here are just a few:

  • Working in potentially unstable or uncontrolled environments
  • Working with limited resources
  • Potentially leaving home for an extended period of time
  • Dealing with the ethical and legal considerations involved in emergency care and/or disaster response
  • Getting time off from the nurse’s “day job” to travel and assist with disaster response

The world isn’t getting any simpler. Disaster events are usually unpredictable and chaotic. One of the constants in these situations is the nurse — there is simply no telling how many lives have been impacted for the better thanks to the incredible efforts of nurses helping in disaster situations.


Find Your Right Fit

Are you a nurse in the Gainesville area looking to learn more about disaster nursing? Contact BOS Medical — we’re here to help.

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