How to Stop Nursing Turnover

Just about every industry has to deal with employee turnover. Thanks to the high stress and long hours of the nursing profession, it’s an even more common problem for nursing facilities. Are you dealing with nursing turnover at your facility in or around Norcross? Here are four reasons for turnover and what to do about them:

Nurses Don’t Feel Supported By Management

In most cases, problems at your nursing facility start from the top and trickle down. Case in point: nurses feeling that they don’t have support from management, which is one of the leading causes of high turnover. Fix it by keeping open lines of communication with your entire staff at all times; institute an open-door policy if you have to. This way, nurses never feel like their concerns can’t be heard.

Nurses Don’t Feel That There’s Room for Advancement

Who wants to stick around in a job with no room for growth or advancement? It’s an issue in many industries, nursing included. Make sure that your staff has access to training outlets, continuing education sources, and other professional opportunities that can provide room for advancement. You’ll see your best employees stick around for longer.

Nurses Feel That Their Efforts Aren’t Recognized

We all need a little acknowledgment and recognition from time to time. Make it a part of the fabric of your facility, and you won’t have nurses leaving simply because they don’t feel recognized. Regular performance reviews, incentive programs to reward nurses for good work, or even something as simple as an “employee of the month” recognition can make a huge difference!

Nurses Feel That They Aren’t Part of a Team

Your healthcare facility won’t function properly without trust — trust on the part of management, trust of patients, and trust between your nurses. Make sure that your nursing staff feels a sense of collaboration and teamwork, because nurses that feel like they’re entirely on their own are the quickest to jump ship.


How Well Do You Retain Nurses?

Remember that these aren’t the only reasons for turnover in your Norcross healthcare facility. If you’re struggling, it’s time to take action. Call BOS Medical today to find out how we can help.

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