Do You Have a Workplace Violence Toolkit?

Healthcare and social assistance workers are almost five times as likely to be injured as a result of workplace violence, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. That’s a sobering statistic for nursing facilities in and around Roswell and across the country – workplace violence is a growing, pervasive and underreported problem that can’t be ignored.

Make sure your facility is prepared ahead of time with a workplace violence toolkit.


What is a Workplace Violence Toolkit?

A workplace violence toolkit is a physical or digital document designed to provide healthcare facilities and the individuals who work there with the proper tools to prevent and, if necessary, address workplace violence. The goal of the toolkit is to help leadership at a healthcare facility avoid workplace violence.


What’s in a Workplace Violence Toolkit?

A toolkit can take different forms depending on the facility using it and their specific needs, but it generally consists of guidelines and materials for analyzing, reporting, preventing and dealing with workplace violence. The toolkit should include educational and training materials designed to help healthcare employees recognize the potential for violence at work.


What Can It Do for My Healthcare Facility?

The goal of a workplace violence toolkit is to allow healthcare leadership and stakeholders to:

    • evaluate what kind of violence prevention practices currently exist within their organization and how they compare to current best practices;
    • change or enhance their organization’s culture of worker and patient safety; and
    • develop or strengthen their workplace violence programs and policies, and implement steps to reduce the risk of violence proactively.

Through the use of a workplace violence toolkit, incidents at your healthcare facility will be properly reported if they do happen, and, ideally, prevented.


Are you in charge of a medical or healthcare facility in or around Roswell?

Take the necessary steps today to curb workplace violence at your organization. Contact BOS Medical for help.

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