How to Nail a Nursing Interview and Land the Job

Interviewing is never fun. It’s one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the job search in any field, nursing included. But if you take the right steps to nail the interview, you have a much greater chance of landing the job.

Are you a nurse in the Lawrenceville area? Follow these five guidelines for nailing your next interview:

Prepare Ahead of Time

There’s no way around it: The most successful interview candidates are those who are prepared. Research the company you’re interviewing with as well as the interviewer, if you can. Practice basic interviewing skills in the days leading up to your meeting. Last but not least, get plenty of rest the night before and allow enough time so you arrive early.

Make Yourself Stand Out

What differentiates you from the countless other nurses who might be interviewing for the same position? It’s important to think about what makes you stand out. This could be certain experience, qualifications, awards, recognition or leadership experience. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up during the interview – it’s the only chance you’ll get!

Be Likeable

It sounds obvious, but you want to come across as likeable during your interview. That means smiling, shaking hands and being pleasant to your interviewer and anyone else you encounter. This will make the best impression possible on the hiring manager; after all, no one wants to work with a negative person.

Ask Questions

One of the best things you can do during your interview is to ask questions. Not only will you be able to find out more information about the position and organization, but you’ll also come across as truly interested in the position and it’s potential. That’s a powerful selling point for the hiring manager.

Believe in Yourself

Go into the interview lacking confidence and you’re not likely to make a good impression. Believe in yourself and trust your own skills and experience, and you stand the best chance of nailing the interview and landing the job.


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