How to Handle a Workplace Bully

Unfortunately, workplace bullies are present in just about every field, and the nursing profession is no exception. The question is, how do you handle a workplace bully in a way that resolves the problem without escalating the conflict any further?

Here are four tips for nurses in and around Atlanta to use when dealing with a workplace bully:

Ignore the Problem When You Can

Sometimes, ignoring the bully is all you need to do to make the problem stop. Bullies are usually seeking attention. In many cases, not engaging with their behavior makes them lose interest.

Of course, bullying at work isn’t always something you can ignore. If the problem is affecting you, your co-workers or your patients in a negative way, it’s time to address it head-on.

Stop Gossip

Make sure you’re not unwittingly contributing to bullying behavior by participating in workplace gossip. Whispers in the break room can easily lead to co-workers being talked about behind their backs, rumors spreading and other negative consequences. If you hear gossip, don’t participate or, better yet, put a stop to it yourself.

Talk to the Bully Directly

In some cases, a bully will correct their behavior if they’re addressed directly. Tell the bully how their behavior is making you and others around you feel. Now that the bully knows they aren’t getting away with their actions without anyone knowing or caring, they’ll realize they can’t get away with it forever. It’s even possible the bully doesn’t know their behavior is coming across in a negative way to others!

Go to Your Administrator

The last resort is to go to your administrator or team lead and tell them about the problem. Bullying behavior must not be tolerated in the workplace, so if the problem warrants it, seek out a higher authority. If the higher authority is the bully, it might be necessary to go over their head.


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