What Will Your Nursing Career Look Like in 2020?

The New Year will be here before you know it. There’s no better time to make a promise to yourself: that you’ll advance in your nursing career and continue on the path to success. Throughout 2020 and beyond, there are many things you can do to make sure you’re not stagnating. Here are just four examples:


Set Concrete Goals

Far too many nurses go about their routines without setting goals for themselves. When there’s no aim to achieve in the future, there’s no motivation. Think about what you want out of your nursing career: a higher salary, more responsibility, advanced skills, a better work environment… the possibilities are endless. Set a goal for yourself — for instance, that you’ll have earned a raise by the third quarter of the year. Making the goal concrete in this fashion, and setting a timetable, helps you stay motivated to achieve it.

Never Stop Learning

Those who believe that they know everything there is to know have plateaued. Make a vow as the New Year starts that you won’t stop learning in 2020 — it’s the absolute best way to keep growing as a nurse, and it will help your career in ways you can’t even predict. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest medical news through your facility’s newsletter or enrolling in a formal advanced education class, investing in yourself via education is one of the greatest things you can do to take your career to new heights.

Keep an Open Mind

Remember: what you’re doing right now in your nursing career may not be what you’ll always do. Keep an open mind about the various possibilities that are in front of you. Have you considered travel nursing? Per Diem work or hospice care? Exploring alternative options in the world of nursing is a great way to keep things fresh, expand your skillset, add an impressive line to your resume, and give yourself a leg up for the future.

Don’t Risk Burnout

Remember that during the hustle of improving your nursing career throughout 2020, it’s essential to take a little time to yourself. Work isn’t everything — in fact, if you don’t have a life outside of your nursing job, your work will suffer. Avoid burnout and exhaustion by taking time off and treating yourself, even if it’s just with a shopping day or some time spent with friends.


Is part of your 2020 plan to find a new position that allows you to advance your nursing career in the way that you deserve? We’re here to help with that. Contact BOS Medical today.

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