Finding Your Next Nursing Assignment

Whether you’re a nurse employed on a contract basis, a travel nurse, or just someone who is looking for their next great opportunity, finding your next nursing assignment isn’t always easy. How can you go about securing your next assignment quickly while making sure you get what you want?


Be Clear About What You Want

First of all, it’s essential to be clear with yourself — and others — what you want out of your next nursing assignment. Think about your preferences. Do you want to work as a part of a large team, or in a more isolated basis? Do you want to work in a large corporate structure, or a smaller rural setting? Where do you want to be geographically? Once you know what you’re looking for, the whole process becomes more manageable.

Be Flexible

The next step is to keep an open mind and be flexible. Although there are certain things you shouldn’t be willing to compromise on, you’ll want to bear in mind that no job will fit every single one of your parameters perfectly. Look for openings that match your preferences the most closely, even if they’re not exactly what you expected. You might find yourself exploring a new avenue of nursing that you didn’t know you enjoyed!

Highlight Your Strengths

Take a moment to think about your strengths within the field of nursing. Even if you don’t have specialized certifications or qualifications, you have areas that you shine in — bedside manner, organization skills, communication abilities, or multitasking strengths, for instance. When you’re applying for nursing jobs, as well as in the interview process, make sure to highlight these strengths to improve your chances of getting the position quickly. And don’t forget to update your resume and cover letter, also taking the time to highlight your best qualities on these documents.

Ask for Help

Don’t forget that there are many advantages to partnering with a medical staffing agency like BOS Medical, only one of which is finding your next nursing assignment in quick fashion. You’ll gain exclusive access to opportunities you might not find. Otherwise, you’ll have professional help preparing for interviews, and you’ll be able to find positions that are perfectly tailored to your particular skill set and desires.


Why wait to find your next great nursing assignment? By partnering with BOS Medical, you’ll be set up on the path to success. Contact us online to get started.

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