Advance Your Nursing Career Through Your Personality

It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse. Between the long hours, unique patient needs, and the emotional highs and lows of the job, it’s safe to say that not everyone could do it. And that’s precisely why you can advance your nursing career just by working on a few character traits.

If you want to grow as a nurse and offer your very best to the patients under your care, you must:


Be Empathetic

You’re probably already empathetic since you chose a career dedicated to helping others, but make sure that you’re imparting that empathy to your patients — make it known that you’re aware of what they’re going through and that you’re there to help. And don’t get empathy confused with sympathy. No patient wants a nurse who feels sorry for them.

Have Great Communication Skills

In the world of healthcare, communication can sometimes be a matter of life and death. So make sure that you’re practicing top-notch communication skills in all areas of your job — talking with patients, talking with your coworkers, and speaking to supervisors. Be a great communicator by acknowledging that you’ve heard what others are saying, listening carefully, asking questions, and knowing your audience when you do speak.

Be Cool Under Pressure

Another personality treat that is important for any nurse to have, especially if you’re looking to advance your career, is the ability to remain calm and collected under pressure. You’ll face a lot of pressure during your time on the floor. If you fall apart, people’s health gets put at risk. Practice remaining calm and thinking through solutions logically.

Be Detail Oriented

Paying close attention to the details isn’t just a recommendation when it comes to the nursing profession — it’s a must. The tiniest of details, whether it’s the amount of a medication or a minute-to-minute time frame for care, matter greatly. So make a point to obsess over the little things when it comes to your patients’ care because it makes all the difference.

Be Flexible

Another must-have character trait for a nurse is the ability to be flexible. Things will always change on a moment’s notice. Rolling with the punches is much easier than getting upset or frustrated every time something doesn’t pan out exactly as you expected.


When you actively work on these character traits, you become a better nurse. That means you can grow and advance in your career. Check out BOS Medical’s site to learn more and find your next placement.

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